You might have started to use remarketing on Facebook, but are you doing it enough? 

Retargeting is of course a cookie-based technology that displays custom ads to visitors who leave an online store without purchasing or converting.

Third-party ad networks, such as Facebook, enable ads to be displayed across the internet, reminding customers of products they viewed or added to cart and didn’t buy.

Engaging with your audience in this way is great for converting leads into sales and increasing awareness of products and services, but having a blank ad displayed on a social feed for someone who has visited your website is no longer enough.

Frankly, you need to be going deeper; and there’s a whole range of ways you can do this. You need to have one ad that remarkets to those who have visited your website, but another for if they have visited another section. 

This works perfectly for eCommerce businesses. Let’s say that someone’s been on one category, you can show them ads from that same category. If someone has visited several, you can show them ads from several categories. 

This is even bigger news when you consider that as technology improves, we could well see advances in AI-guided marketing having an effect on elements of our digital toolkits and that includes remarketing. Predicting consumer behaviour is going to be more integral to this process, so remarketing may well start to become an automated process. The human element will still be there, but bolder and more accurate algorithms could well see the process improve.

Remarketing is no longer seen as the privacy invasion it may well have been up to recently. Instead, consumers are more aware of the marketing footprint they leave behind if they visit websites or online retail portals. 

To not be on top of the remarketing game in 2019 and beyond is short-sighted and could show up real gaps if online sales or enquiries start to drop off. Get on top of it now and ensure your customers are aware of your products or services. If you don’t, someone else will. Effective targeting, managing and streamlining is also key. Don’t set these elements up to look after themselves, have an eye on them at all times.