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PPC (Search Advertising) Manager

At Distract, we are a passionate team with a simple aim to help our clients grow, and to have fun while doing so. We all share a passion for building companies through innovative and engaging digital marketing. 

Who are you?

For the role as a PPC (Search Advertising) Manager we are looking for an expert to manage all search engine advertising activities. You will oversee the search advertising, operation, direction and manage all digital marketing aspects for our clients so you can represent the client’s brand.  You will be responsible for the PPC campaigns for our clients as well as involvement in shopping and display campaigns.

The task at hand

·       Proven experience of managing the daily execution and monitoring of campaign performance

·       Regularly audit accounts to improve performance

·       Recommending and evaluating our clients for new search opportunities and implement these recommendations with the team

·       Oversee and manage the day-to-day of client accounts on that utilise PPC advertising, and the communication channels between these clients and the agency. This includes:

-       Creation of campaign strategy and advising on potential success of campaigns utilising knowledge of past campaigns and intuition

-       Implementation of strategy: including communicating (where necessary) with the Creative team in order to get creative assets required for the campaign’s success

-       Ongoing optimisation: daily monitoring of client accounts managed; making changes based on results and client requests, as well as continually tweaking campaigns to generate results

·       Analysing potential clients’ digital advertising accounts to discover pitfalls and suggest improvements in strategy and implementation

·       Ensuring clients are onboarded correctly and all assets the agency requires to succeed are obtained from client

·       Copywriting adverts, and ensuring these are approved by client if required

·       Finding lucrative keywords for a client account to bid on, as well as removing any irrelevant searches as part of the optimisation part of the role to ensure budget is spent efficiently

·       The role prominently focuses the utilisation of Google Adwords and Analytics, etc

·       Keep up-to-date with the changes in the platforms managed and ascertain how new features can be utilised to generate even better results for clients

·       Reporting for clients: utilising analytical software, as well as call tracking and other software, as well as own knowledge/skill to convey results to clients in a format they will understand/find useful

Key skills

English skills: You need to have excellent written and spoken English

Copywriting skills: Excellent spelling, grammar and proof-reading skills, as well as have a creative flair for producing engaging, interesting copy.

Presentation skills: From communicating ideas to your team to presenting ideas to clients, you need to organise information in an interesting manner. 

Interpersonal skills: You need to be approachable, friendly and empathetic, and be able to relate to people on different levels within the agency and with clients.

Time-keeping: You will often be working to tight deadlines as well as meeting the demands and pressures of your team and clients, so you need to be able to work quickly and efficiently, while maintaining quality in your work.


Experience required: minimum 2 years.

Salary dependent on experience.


We're currently recruiting for this position: to apply, please email with your CV and covering letter!


01522 716171

15, Witham Park House,

Waterside South

Lincoln, LN5 7JN

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