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How to Generate Real Leads through Social Media

You wouldn’t be the first to think that your business “isn’t right for social media”, but having this attitude could not only be leaving you behind in terms of brand exposure, but you could also be missing out on real leads.

Part of the thinking behind the opinion that businesses don’t ‘need’ to be actively using social media is that it isn’t possible to generate leads through the social sphere, and if you’re posting the same things as everyone else, instead of adding value for your customers, then you are probably right.

However, with a little creativity and a carefully thought out flow, we’ve sold thousands of products, and generated hundreds of leads for Estate Agents, Manufacturers, Accountants, Solicitors and loads more. Want to know how? Read on…

The biggest mistake that businesses make when attempting lead generation on social media is asking for the sale straight away. Let’s turn things around - It’s rare that you’ll meet someone in person and try to sell to them straight away, without first developing a mutual relationship with them, so why try it and expect it to work on social media? It comes back to the big ‘V’… value. Add value for your customers and the sale will follow naturally.

Have you considered giving away something for free? (and no, your free hour-long consultation doesn’t count). Short eBooks that solve real problems and sample packs of your product are a great place to start. Use social to drive relevant traffic to your lead page, and capture their data to then go into a lead-warming flow. The worst case is that they visit your lead page, do not download your eBook/sample pack, and can then be remarketed to for up to 365 days.

Believe us, we’ve seen eBooks turn into meetings, and then into huge contracts.

Lead generation in the digital space has never been so crucial, yet accessible to businesses. So what’s the takeaway here? Give away something of value to potential leads in exchange for their data, use social media to draw in the leads, and then follow those leads up with a planned, carefully considered marketing flow. Why are we telling you this? Because we are experts in this field and we spend every day building successful and innovative campaigns and strategy for our clients. Oh, and we really like to add value.

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How you can grow your business, through talking about unrelated topics on Social Media

This is a question that is asked a lot by clients: “Why are you talking about the new film that is coming out and not about the product that we are selling?” It’s simple; some call it ‘news-jacking’ we simply describe it as a way of making a brand relevant to their target market.

If your target market is talking about the latest film, then we need to get involved with the conversation and buzz. This shows that we understand our market, and by doing so, this will lead to further sales down the line. By creating content that is about the new craze, or a new film, etc., this opens us up to conversations; interacting with the audience and naturally introducing ourselves to that market. Think of it as, we are just saying ‘hi’, caring about what they care about. But in the longer term, we have introduced ourselves as a brand that cares about its community and in turn, shown that user that what we sell fits their need, values and interests.

So how can you do this? It’s simple, but it takes time! You need to identify who your target market are; and what is it that they care about? But more importantly, what do they care about right now. Is there something that is happening in their space? This may be a new film, a new product? Something that is going to make them talk about nothing but that. Jump on it, create awesome content that relates, and make your brand synonymous to that movement; it could be as simple as just talking about it, or, if it’s something huge, perhaps even creating a related product.

Once you have decided exactly what you want to do, then it comes to finding the users who are really caring about the new movement. There are two ways in which we would recommend going about this.

Firstly, Twitter advanced search. If you are a global brand, simply search the key words that are being used in the discussion. This will then bring up a list of tweets that users are making about the subject; (if you are a local business, you can segment the locations of the people talking about the topics through Twitter advanced search: if you need help with this, please call us!)

Secondly, Facebook adverts; these should be backed up with an organic image created and posted natively on your Facebook page. Facebook adverts can be targeted very specifically; you can show the adverts that relate only to your perfect user.

Your social media account doesn’t have to be always about you and your brand. Through outreach, your brand can become relevant and show that you understand your target market better than your competitors. The more things that make your audience ‘feel good’ through posting, and engaging with your users, the stronger the bond will be. In the long term you can create strong brand advocates, simply from jumping on a seemingly irrelevant film/event/moment!

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How to use Twitter analytics to get important information

If you’re not already, you should be using Twitter analytics to improve your performance. Without knowledge of what is successful and what isn’t you are unable to adapt your content and posts and achieve your desired results.

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5 psychology tips to help boost your social media posts

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How to create Instagram adverts

Instagram can be a powerful advertising tool, you and your brand need to be using it. To be a success in this style of advertising there are some simple tips that you should take on board.

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Finding images for your content marketing

During your final checks over your completed, ready to publish blog post theres one last thing that you should add that will give it an added shine. No blog post is fully complete without accompanying images that illustrate your written article.

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Brand awareness through social media

When you are looking to increase brand awareness, social media can soon become your best friend. While you may be reluctant at first as it is nearly impossible to measure the level of return, it is a vital part of identifying and developing your brand.

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Inspire people to share your content

It’s no secret that one of the best reasons to get your business involved in social media is the word of mouth that is sharing. Every time a reader shares your content you’re reaching a much wider audience and hopefully, you’ll gain a large following within no time at no extra cost.

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Why followers are irrelevant, and loyalty is key

Since their existence, Twitter and other social networks, people have been fantasised by the number of followers or ‘likes’ that they have on the platforms. The thought process behind it was that the more followers that you had, the better your social media would convert for you. Maybe this was the case in previous years, but it most definitely is not now, as users have now grown blinkers to cut out the noise on their social platforms.

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How video marketing can change your business

One of the best ways to market and get noticed online is video. Whether you're marketing on Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter, you should be pairing any written content with videos. To market successfully your company should be observing what works and what doesn't and reacting to it, and without a doubt video marketing works.

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