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How to Scale Your Facebook Ads to Maximise Your Return on Investment

It is a little known fact that Facebook adverts are not evergreen. They have a lifecycle of assent, saturation and decline. One technique we use to get the most out of Facebook ads for our clients is scaling. This involves constantly analysing the performance breakdown of your ads and cutting off the targeting properties that aren’t performing well; resulting in an advert that is hitting the right gender, age group, placement, platform, device, and several other properties, to ensure as little ad spend is wasted as possible. Want to learn how a Social Media agency scales their ads? Here’s how:

The place to start is by running what we call a ‘Test Ad’. Test ads are adverts with generic targeting, scheduling and placement, and are designed to act as a feeler for the market, to test what they are most reciprocal to. Test ads should have a daily budget of between £10-£30 on auto-bidding, and should be allowed to run for at least 3 days. This will give the ads enough time to attract enough attention to show a pattern for you to scale from.

If your advert is producing a return on investment or gaining significant traction after the first 3 days; whether that is in the form of eBook downloads, purchases or link clicks, then go into your ads manager and select ‘Breakdown’ and click ‘Placements’. If one placement (right column, news feed etc.) is performing considerably better than the others, then duplicate the advert set but only have the successful placement selected. Complete the same process for the device (mobile, desktop) too.

Then comes the slightly tricky part. To scale effectively, you’ll need to switch to manual bidding, which is something that we find a lot of businesses are yet to fully understand. Take the cost per conversion (eBook download, purchase, view content etc.) and times it by 100. That is your daily budget.

Then take the cost per conversion again, and half it. That is your initial manual bid. Then monitor your advert every couple of hours. If it is spending money, then let it run, unless the cost per conversion is too high. If it is not spending money, then up the bid by 10% until it begins to spend money.

This will result in an incredibly efficient advert, which will only spend if it is delivering results. Although it is a little technical, don’t be afraid to give scaling a try – and you can always drop me an email on if you’d like any further advice!

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Is Instagram Stories Stealing Snapchat’s Market Share?

After a solid period of quarter-on-quarter growth for Snapchat in 2016, the introduction of Instagram stories has caused the photo-sending app a significant drop in growth, according to the new stats released in its IPO filing. Could this be the end of Snapchat?

Q3 2016 saw the launch of Instagram stories, a new function that directly mirrored that of Snapchat stories; the ability to post content to an area of the app that was viewable by your contacts for up to 24 hours. After just one month, the feature alone had users numbers two thirds the size of Snapchat’s total membership.

Figures released this week highlight how much this affected Snapchat. A sudden slowing in growth, down to only 7%, showing a clear swing in the market.

What now for Snapchat?

Although Instagram Stories enjoyed a good start, it’s key to remember that consumers want to try things when they first come out, but don’t always continue to use them. The real test for Instagram stories will be its ability to maintain the growth that it has enjoyed so far.

For those worrying that this is the beginning of the end for Snapchat, you can rest easy – it isn’t going anywhere. Like in any market, innovation is crucial, so the emphasis is on Snap to engineer new features (and new augmented products like Spectacles) that will provide value to the user.

Where Snapchat is already excelling, and can excel further, is the focus on location and community. Introducing more local stories (which are a collection of images and video from users in a particular locality) and community stories drives engaged traffic and increases the value that users get from the app. With the introduction of Instagram Stories, it seems that this is an area that Snapchat are going to need to push harder to retain and tempt back users.

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Why Your Business Needs to Use Facebook Advertising – and How to Get Started 

Does your business use Facebook advertising? If not, it should be. Facebook adverts are amongst the most targeted, flexible and targeted advert formats around, and you’d be a fool not to get involved, especially with the huge and measurable potential ROIs.

If you’re thinking about not using Facebook advertising because it isn’t ‘right’ for your business, I ask you this; do you think your customers stop thinking about their business/responsibilities when they get their phone out to check their news feed?

People believe that customers lives are made up of several separate head spaces (work, parenting, self fulfilment), and while one single consumer has many roles, and therefore many needs – they operate in the same head space for every hour they are awake.

For example; you sell printers, and your customers are small business owners. The small business owner is also many other things, so when he comes home and looks at his Facebook, sees your ad for a printer, does he think ‘I’m not at work, so I don’t think about work needs?’ No, he doesn’t – he’ll clicks on the ad!

Businesses need to understand that business decision makers do actively use Facebook, and therefore, by not using Facebook, you’re missing out on a huge marketing opportunity.

So you’ve decided that you want to join the Facebook advertising conga line – good choice. Now to get started! Here’s 3 things you can do to get your Facebook advertising ball rolling.

Build a remarketing list

Add a Facebook Pixel to your website to begin collecting an audience of people who have visited your website. Encouraging people back to your website will increase the amount of leads coming to your business:

Upload your database as a custom audience

They say it costs 6 times more to gain a new customer than keep a current one. If you already have a database that you have been emailing, you can sync that list with Facebook through Mailchimp. It’s super easy and quick to do. This gives you an audience of people to upsell and resell to.

Use your customer base to make a lookalike audience

Using your customer base to form a lookalike audience is a great way to generate new leads. Facebook uses the credentials of your current customers to find similar people that might also be interested, using range of metrics. This gives you a new audience, without you having to delve into a detailed targeting strategy. Handy!

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How to use YouTube effectively for Marketing

YouTube has a lot to offer you as a marketing platform so you should be making the most of it. It is the second largest search engine in the world as well as having over a billion users, just to put that figure in perspective that is a third of all internet users.

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How to create Instagram adverts

Instagram can be a powerful advertising tool, you and your brand need to be using it. To be a success in this style of advertising there are some simple tips that you should take on board.

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Pinterest adds location information to pins for stores

Pinterest has made waves in the news once again by announcing another new feature. Users are now allowed to upload information about their location, including opening times, address, and store phone number.

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Facebook plans to take on Youtube

Major social media platform, Facebook, is preparing to battle head to head with video forum, Youtube. Facebook is currently running tests for its new video section that will be available on both a mobile app and web.

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What is Twitter Moments?

Following big news and trend has just gotten easier thanks to Twitters new tool, Moments. Users will be able to keep up to date without having to follow heaps of accounts or constantly searching hashtags.

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How can my website become an ‘Authority Website’?

One of the primary things you should be striving towards with your brand website is status as an authority site. Simply put, an authority website is one that users trust as well as industry experts and search engines.

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Improve engagement through hashtags

If youre not getting the amount of audience engagement you were initially hoping for, there is a very simple, straightforward way to start seeing those results. You will be pleasantly surprised at how simple and effective using hashtags can be.

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