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“Distract is an extraordinary organisation whose intellectual capital is innovation. They pride themselves on being at the forefront of change and being luminaries in their field. Do not be fooled by their youth, these guys are making a real and lasting impact.”

Azam Zia


Established in 1856, Chattertons is considered to be one of the oldest law firms in the UK and is a leading firm across the East Midlands, working for local businesses and private clients from its 10 offices. Chattertons is very highly regarded in the region and has built a strong reputation based on integrity, commitment and commercial pragmatism.


Initially we were engaged to work on Chattertons’ social media advertising; focusing on reaching new leads through targeted interests, and remarketing to website visitors to encourage them to enquire about their services.

We were also asked by Chattertons to complete an audit on its existing agency’s Paid Search accounts and provide recommendations/feedback on how the budget was being spent, and we were quickly entrusted with its whole paid media strategy across both Search and Social.


Through our discovery process, what was clear was that Chattertons’ clients are loyal, and Chattertons provide a very personal and sincere service. Our challenge was to communicate this unique bond in an easily digestible way.

Our creative team suggested the idea of symbolising the relationship between Chattertons and its clients, using the relationship between a dog and its loving owners. The client loved the concept, and the ‘Chatterton the Dog’ campaign was born.

Using a series of multichannel placements, we showed Chatterton the dog by the side of his owners through both good and bad times; different key life moments where you may need to seek the services of a solicitor.

We followed this up with ads that built a personality around Chatterton the dog, as opposed to building personality around the firm itself: making for a fully integrated, creative and disruptive campaign.

Because more than 50% of Chattertons’ enquiries come through phone calls rather than website contact forms, we used telephone tracking software to be able to bridge the gap between digital activity and people picking up the phone.

This technology shows that we consistently send over
250 enquiries directly from paid media per month.


Since being enlisted by Chattertons in July 2017, the firm has continually been satisfied with the growth in the amount of leads generated by our paid campaigns, but also with our ability to turn the firm's thirst for creativity into impactful advertising campaigns. As a result of this success,
the relationship with Chattertons has been taken into a third calendar, taking new ideas forward and growing its client base further.


“Working on the Chattertons account is great fun, made so by their open-mindedness to our creativity. Markets that advertise themselves with little differentiation are those that have the most opportunity for disruption, and both our team and the marketing team at Chattertons are in total agreement on that, forming the perfect platform to do impactful and effective work.”

Sam Spencer


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