Utilising Facebook Live

Utilising Facebook Live



Raising awareness for brands through
a creative medium

Raising awareness for brands through
a creative medium.


When it comes to social media, things are changing all of the time. When Facebook made it favourable to utilise Facebook Live, we jumped onto the new form of media with some of our clients and achieved some brilliant results.

The Brief

We have identified that there are two main factors that make a successful Facebook Live. The first is the need to retain your audience: you need to keep the audience hooked and want to see what is going to happen next. The second is you will want your audience to get others to join in with the Live: it creates a better atmosphere in the comments section and encourages further activity.

When we came up with the Facebook Live concepts, we kept these key factors in mind. We also had to ensure that these Facebook Live campaigns not only generated a fun campaign for our clients' audiences, but that it also introduced our client to new audiences that may not have heard about them before.

fb 2 - Facebook Live Campaign
fb 1 - Facebook Live Campaign


Tumble Tower is one of our most famous campaigns, and caught the eye of both large firms and the press. One of the key questions we often get asked as a result is "how did you get a brand, that no one really knew about, to receive 68,000 new comments in less than 1 hour?"

Jewellery in a safe: this Facebook Live was performed for a client that loved our Tumble Tower Live. We generated interest for an upmarket personalised jewellery brand through this creative means, all whilst communicating the exclusivity and unique feel of the brand.

Wheel of Fortune: a spinning wheel once positioned in our office to decide who was to make the next round of tea led to a highly successful Facebook Live show. This helped the brand connect with 40,000+ new people.

The most impressive fact about the few example Facebook Live campaigns above is that not one penny was spent advertising them: we just made it easy for the audiences to share and spread the word. 







Brands need to constantly keep ahead of their competition. Taking an innovative approach to digital marketing opens up the playing field for brands of all sizes. It is now down to the level of creativity that campaigns have, not the size of the marketing budget, which helps maximise the return for businesses.

For this reason, we are well known for these stand out campaigns.


“We’re thrilled with the response we received and we can’t wait to go live again!”

“When we tasked Distract with creating a Valentine’s campaign that would promote our brand, we weren’t expecting a campaign as creative, integrated and profitable as the one that we received. Distract’s campaign has gained us new customers, enthused our community and increased brand exposure. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!”

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