The UK Sepsis Trust

The UK Sepsis Trust


“We were put in touch with Distract by someone close to our charity around a year ago. Since instructing their services, we've been very impressed by the expertise and enthusiasm shown by their team. Their hunger and desire to drive projects forward is admirable, and they have served as a great extension to our marketing
and communications team, helping us do even more to raise awareness of sepsis.”

Simon Hills


The UK Sepsis Trust (UKST) was established as a charity in 2012 with the objective of saving 14,500 lives every year. It is committed to changing the way the NHS deals with sepsis, and increasing public awareness and supporting those affected by sepsis. The condition claims more than 52,000 lives in the United Kingdom annually - more than lung cancer, and more than breast cancer and bowel cancer combined, but has a much lower profile, resulting in late diagnosis and preventable loss of life.


The UKST had been consulting ITV leading up to Coronation Street’s sepsis storyline; which followed a character’s journey from contraction, diagnosis, treatment and recovery. The trust wanted to ensure that it could maximise the exposure of the condition the storyline would bring. The brief was to tie attention created by the storyline back to The UK Sepsis Trust, and to drive the awareness of the key symptoms of sepsis to ensure quicker diagnosis and treatment, resulting in lives saved.


We reworked a number of clips which showed the key moments in the storyline from injury, diagnosis, treatment and recovery and then targeted them towards people who had an interest in ‘Coronation Street’.

Adjacent to this set of ads, we also launched ads to the same target audience around the impact that sepsis has on people, how many people it affects, and how much it costs the NHS. We were keen to show that sepsis is an issue in real life too, and not just a storyline in a soap. This set of ads went a long way towards achieving that.

People that watched, clicked or engaged with any of these adverts would then be funnelled through to a separate ‘warmer’ audience of people, who were much more engaged. These people were then shown ads which concisely communicated the signs of sepsis to watch out for.







1.1 million



Through our campaigns with The UK Sepsis Trust, we have delivered life saving information to hundreds of thousands of people; leading to quicker identification of symptoms, quicker diagnosis, quicker treatment, and lives being saved.

Since the conclusion of the Coronation Street storyline, we have been retained by the client, and are now working on a number of new campaigns; generating vital donations, gaining supporters, and building awareness, whilst continuing to distribute life-saving information at scale.

Transparent Tom 1 - The UK Sepsis Trust

“The UK Sepsis Trust do such vital work. 5 people die from sepsis every hour in the UK, so encouraging people to spot the symptoms earlier through our advertising carried real importance. We have a great working relationship with the team
at the trust, and I look forward to that continuing.”

Tom Jacobs


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