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Social Media Management is now becoming one of the most in-demand services in the digital marketing space. This is because it doesn’t matter whether you sell to businesses or consumers; the individuals you need to contact will likely be users of social networks. We can manage your brand’s inbox and posting presence across one, or multiple platforms to help maximise the return you can achieve from your digital strategy.

Social Media Management goes much further than just scheduling posts: it has become a lot more complex. Algorithms are changing weekly, content is responding differently, but the objectives still remain the same. 

One of the biggest tasks in the social media sphere currently is devising a strategy on 'breaking-through', and getting the attention of consumers (of both B2B & B2C products) when they are scrolling through their social network of choice.

Because of the sheer noise that there now is within the landscape of social media marketing, the way in which we interact with the audience has to continually change in order to reflect these changes.

The whole aim of social media management by us at Distract is simple: to keep your business ahead of your competition.


“When we tasked Distract with creating a Valentine’s campaign that would promote our brand, we weren’t expecting a campaign as creative, integrated and profitable as the one that we received. Distract’s campaign has gained us new customers, enthused our community, and increased brand exposure. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!"

Joe Colson


“We were astonished at the level of response which the Distract campaigns generated. Social media interaction with our target audience has skyrocketed since we teamed up with Distract. They understand our business and what we want to achieve”

Michael Brown


"Working with such a talented team creates a really enjoyable and rewarding experience. The communication between us and the client, as well as the entire team's focus on maximising a client's return on investment are what makes our campaigns a success."

James Cowell


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Distract has also been rated 5.00 stars by 20 client reviewers.

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