Social Media management is critical to your online success, you can do it in-house, but that takes time away from your business. There has been huge growth in businesses offering to control social media on your behalf. But you need to make sure that the company you choose reflects your own corporate objectives.

What should I be doing to promote my Lincoln restaurant on Social Media?

How should we use social media to get the word out about our business?

These are questions we hear all the time, and with in-depth knowledge about all the major social networks and the up and coming ones (such as Yik Yak) we know how to approach things for your business. We are one of the only specialist Social Media companies in Lincoln and are the only Relationship Marketing Agency, showing that we really are here to turn your followers into fully fledgling brand promoters for your business.

Why stump business growth due to poor Social Media Management?

We know that each business is completely individual, there is no “one size fits all” solution for your social media. We would love to welcome you to our office for a quick chat so we can talk you through which platforms your business should be on to maximise your social media effectiveness.

1. Why you should choose us

- We promise that we have the highest engaging social media team in Lincoln, engagement with your community is right at the core of our beliefs for social media success and that is why we label ourselves as a Relationship Marketing Agency. If you build relationships with your business, then the people you build these relationships with are much more likely to do business with you in the future. It’s just a fact.

- A Free Client back end portal (With a mobile App). We are one of the only Social Media management companies in Lincoln with a back-end system which allows you to track your full ROI (Return of Investment) with everything that we do. Monitor your full social status, clicks generated and full-scale analytics. We recently added this all to a mobile application which is now accessible on both Apple IOS and Android, allowing you to do it all on the move.

- In-house designers, visual is key in social media, especially with Instagram currently being the most powerful organic platform. If you don’t have visual compelling images on your social platform you are wasting your time. We have everything in-house to help this all work for you.


2. No confusing options

We don’t have any silly plans, we will tell you exactly where we think you should be and how you should be utilising each platform. We understand that you don’t have time to execute these methods and plans effectively, which is why we can just get straight to work and get things going in an effective manner.

3. Freebies

We love helping people get started on Social Media, so we are offering all business in Lincoln the following things completely free of charge:

  1. Social Media Consultation
  2. Set up on recommended platforms
  3. Speedy walk through
  4. Brand integration tips


4. What now?

We are as flexible as you need us to be, we can take control of all of your social media and turn it into a powerful engaging place for your customers to interact or we can manage a few key elements that fit with your business plan.

We have no minimum amounts, no silly minimum spend and everything is tailored to your business.

5. Are we contracted in for a long time?

No. Leave whenever, but we can promise you that you won’t want to.

To see prices in more detail please visit our Social Media Pricing List