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What we’ve learnt: Facebook Messenger adverts

Facebook's advertising product is constantly changing. As a team of social media experts, keeping up with the multiple daily changes that social networks release is one of the more challenging parts of our job! When a new functionality comes out, we also soft test it to see what potential it has for our clients. If it works well and we see that it will improve Return On Investment for our clients, we will then roll it out across the clients it is suited to.

This is exactly what has happened with Facebook Messenger adverts; these allow you to advertise to your target market telling them to message you on Facebook (via your Page). This works perfectly for our clients, as we respond to all their incoming customer enquiries in less than 5 minutes.

One key thing to always think about when it comes to advertising, is the copy of advert you show, and to whom you show it; as to be an effective communication, it has to be relative the audience. Therefore, randomly popping up with a "Message us" advert might not make much sense, however, this does, of course, depend on your type of product/service. What we found was that the best ROI was from the audience who already knew of our existence.

For the core of this trial we utilised Facebook Remarketing, and showed an advert to everyone who had been on our website in the last 180 days, giving them the option to message us via Facebook. This clever technique allows those who have been on our website and then left, to have any queries they may have had answered by a member of the team.

The value of speaking to a consumer who has already shown interest in your product/service is extremely powerful, and shouldn't be overlooked. By sieving your audience down to only those who know of your business will help reduce the cost of advertising, and increase the rate of enquiries.

If you have any questions about this, please message us by clicking here!

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How to use YouTube effectively for Marketing

YouTube has a lot to offer you as a marketing platform so you should be making the most of it. It is the second largest search engine in the world as well as having over a billion users, just to put that figure in perspective that is a third of all internet users.

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How to create Instagram adverts

Instagram can be a powerful advertising tool, you and your brand need to be using it. To be a success in this style of advertising there are some simple tips that you should take on board.

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