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How to use YouTube effectively for Marketing

YouTube has a lot to offer you as a marketing platform so you should be making the most of it. It is the second largest search engine in the world as well as having over a billion users, just to put that figure in perspective that is a third of all internet users.

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Importance of measuring content marketing ROI

With more and more competition, online marketers are under record amounts of pressure to be heard. 2015, in particular, is proving to be an interesting, if not difficult year for online marketing. For the first time, mobile web viewing surpassed desktop web viewing last year, and social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have posed some serious threats to Google’s advertising revenue.

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Grab your store customers and move them online


Moving your clients from one medium to another is critical to the success of your business. One thing that is necessary for this day and age is keeping that customer within your system, whether that be on a mailing list or in your social media presence. I am going to go through the method making your physical customers aware, to then allow you to move them into your social channels so you can maximise the relationship you have with them.

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Why followers are irrelevant, and loyalty is key

Since their existence, Twitter and other social networks, people have been fantasised by the number of followers or ‘likes’ that they have on the platforms. The thought process behind it was that the more followers that you had, the better your social media would convert for you. Maybe this was the case in previous years, but it most definitely is not now, as users have now grown blinkers to cut out the noise on their social platforms.

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6 reasons why your brand should be on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks and its especially strong in the female sector with 80% of females having an account and of those 50% have a child.

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Top Three Tips on Standing Out in the Crowd on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has quickly grown to be the biggest online platform for those involved in a business career. With well over 364 million other users logging in to promote themselves, it’s important to know how to use LinkedIn to its full potential. Whilst signing up and creating a profile is simple enough, here are the top three ways to ensure you stand out in the online crowd.

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5 easy ways to grow your Instagram following

Instagram is a relatively new social media platform in terms of networking, and everyone wants to increase their Instagram following, whether you already have an established brand or you're a new and upcoming photographer. With 300 million users active each month, and 20 billion photos that have been posted, it's not hard to see why.

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