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What are your Twitter customer service times?

Twitter have just introduced a new update which allows businesses to show that they offer customer service on their profile. It is likely that they have done this for two main reasons; firstly, to promote the businesses that utilise Twitter as a customer service portal, but also to help speed up the process for customers and brands wanting to communicate with each other.

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How to use Twitter analytics to get important information

If you’re not already, you should be using Twitter analytics to improve your performance. Without knowledge of what is successful and what isn’t you are unable to adapt your content and posts and achieve your desired results.

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7 key ways to increase blog shares through Twitter

While it is widely acknowledged that the more shares you get, the more views your blog will get, those Twitter shares can be hard to come by. There are, however, some things that you can do to increase the chances of being shared.

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What is Twitter Moments?

Following big news and trend has just gotten easier thanks to Twitters new tool, Moments. Users will be able to keep up to date without having to follow heaps of accounts or constantly searching hashtags.

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Improve engagement through hashtags

If youre not getting the amount of audience engagement you were initially hoping for, there is a very simple, straightforward way to start seeing those results. You will be pleasantly surprised at how simple and effective using hashtags can be.

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How video marketing can change your business

One of the best ways to market and get noticed online is video. Whether you're marketing on Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter, you should be pairing any written content with videos. To market successfully your company should be observing what works and what doesn't and reacting to it, and without a doubt video marketing works.

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