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The Ultimate Guide To Using Google Grants For UK Charities

Doing great work requires great people.

It’s no secret that marketing is expensive, but if you’re a charity you’re in luck; Google is looking to give you a helping hand.

Google Grants are worth up to $10,000 in free advertising for eligible charities, where it enables your charity to be more accessible and visible to people who need your support most.

So the question really is; why aren’t you applying for the Google Grant?

Are you eligible?

So now that you’re aware, the next question should be; ‘How can we apply?’

  1. You need to hold a valid charity status and apply to ‘Google for nonprofits’. Educational institutions that are philanthropic also count, but Government organisations, medical groups, academic institutions do not.
  2. Acknowledge Google’s required certifications regarding nondiscrimination and donation receipt and use thereof.
  3. Make sure your website address adheres to Google’s standards and their Ad Grants website policy.
  4. Get approved through the pre-qualification process after your organisation is enrolled in ‘Google for nonprofits’.

This is all well and good, but what about an example charity who has already taken advantage of this scheme?

The UK Sepsis Trust is the UK’s biggest sepsis charity, where they seek to generate awareness of the potentially lethal condition, alongside facilitating support for survivors and bereaved relatives. Thanks to the Google Grant, we were able to create a campaign for them which connected with over 180,000 people.

Most importantly, it helped drive awareness on life-saving information about the condition, with over 1.1 million impressions made on their website.


Unlike the standard ‘Google Ads’ account that’s used for businesses and freelancer portfolio sites, there’s certain rules that must be abided to maintain the eligibility of a Google Grants account. Otherwise, the ad amount will be retracted.

The rules include:

  • Prohibiting single-word keywords
  • Ads are entirely text-based.
  • Prohibit the use of over-generic keywords, such as ‘download info’, ‘click here’, ‘e-books’ and many more.

There’s also a quality score which consists of three metrics:

  • Ad Relevance
  • Landing Page
  • Expected Click-Through Rate

What to use the Google Grant For

Congratulations! You’ve received the grant.

But now what?

Always keep in mind; the grant is designed to make your charity more accessible, more available to people who need it most.

With this, make sure that with every campaign created, have it include relevant keywords that match the search terms related to the cause in question.

For example, for targeting search terms about guide dogs, then make sure that the keywords are set up as ‘+get +guide +dog’. This will result in searches such as:

"Am I eligible to get a guide dog?"

The rules do state that there can’t be bids on single-word keywords, so refrain from using that, and only focus on relevant ones.

Finally, there’s an insistence that the quality scores are 3 or higher on all keywords, so this way there are no generic terms to be bid on and then sent to your homepage.

Always make sure that you have relevant, quick-loading landing pages as destination URL’s in your ads.

Another charity who we had helped in thanks to the Google Grant, were the ‘Action on Hearing Loss’ charity. Three years ago they approached us to make more use of their Google Grant account.

Part of their mission statement is to help provide support and advice to people with varying degrees of hearing loss, from partial impairment to profound deafness. 

After an overhaul of the account, there was a 118% increase in grant account clicks and a huge 1,790% increase in transactions through PPC.

Overall, the Google Grant enables charities to unleash their potential and to reach out to those who may have missed them the first time round.

It can enable much more engagement and very much improve the efficiency of a charity’s marketing efforts. 

If you’ve found this blogpost useful, how about e-mailing us to see how we can help your charity, to take your campaign to another level.

Action on Hearing Loss

“We have been working with Distract for over a year, in which time they've not only delivered new ideas and great results to our paid search efforts, but have also become a vital extension of our marketing team through their understanding of our goals and of our mission, allowing us to exceed expectations and targets.”

Partner with an award winning digital agency.

Partner with an award winning digital agency.

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