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We regularly create videos to share our thoughts, as well as educate on the latest trends, methods and results in digital marketing.

google shopping ecom - Video 2/2

Voice is the future!

Voice is the next big thing! Get on board early, and you're bound to win.


whatyouneed - Video 2/2

What you need to be doing...

Here are the simple, but essential things your business needs to be doing in order to be successful!


voice future - Video 2/2

Voice is the future!

Voice is the next big thing! Get on board early, and you're bound to win.


creative ad - Video 2/2

The basis to a creative advert?

Creativity is key in advertising, and so is having a convincing message entwined within that creativity!


brand is everything - Video 2/2

Brand is Everything!

You should prioritise building your business' brand above anything else says Peter Watson, MD of Distract!


outbound vs inbound - Video 2/2

Outbound vs. Inbound Ads

With Google Adwords, you can be confident that the people who see your ads are already interested in your product or service!


Ad Extensions final - Video 2/2

Use Ad Extensions!

Using Ad Extensions is a no brainer for businesses: here's Shona, our Google AdWords Specialist, to tell you why!


Digital marketing tips - Video 2/2

The two essential platforms!

There are two essential platforms you must embrace in order to reap the benefits of digital marketing!


creativity - Video 2/2

Creativity is key!

The best way to captivate your audience is through having a brilliantly creative idea!


dont press the boost button - Video 2/2

Don't press the boost button!

There are far better ways of getting your business' name out there on Facebook than pressing the boost button!


page view conversions - Video 2/2

'Page View' conversions

Tom recommends you should always choose 'Page Views' conversions over clicks!


Monitor eveything - Video 2/2

Monitor everything!

Make sure you're tracking and changing your marketing based on data and insight!


Dont miss the boat - Video 2/2

Don't miss the boat!

You may just kick yourself if you don't start using Facebook Advertising now for your business!


E commerce business tips - Video 2/2

E-commerce businesses

If you're an e-commerce business, there are certain things on Facebook you should definitely be doing!


no one is the same - Video 2/2

No one is the same!

Tailor your advertising to groups of people, rather than chucking the same message out to the masses!


facebook priorities - Video 2/2

Facebook: Prioritising 

Peter explains what your business should be prioritising when it comes to Facebook advertising!


targetingtom - Video 2/2

Facebook targeting is powerful!

You can target your ads directly to people who are interested in your product or service!


personalbranding - Video 2/2

Personal Branding

Peter shares his thoughts on why personal branding is important. 


facebookwatch - Video 2/2

Learn more: Facebook Watch

Tom shares his knowledge of Facebook Watch and what this means for content on the platform.


pvideo - Video 2/2

Why split testing is so important!

Our MD, Peter Watson, tells us why Split Testing can be the key to a great Return On Investment. 


video1 - Video 2/2

2017 Review: AdWords

Shona and Sian discuss the changes we've seen to AdWords, and what you need to look out for in 2018.


VIDEO2 - Video 2/2

Peter Watson: Speaker

Our MD, Peter Watson, shares his thoughts on Social Media, and tells companies to ignore convention. 


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