Facebook launched its new Instant Article Feature back in May, offering publishers of media outlets and brands the chance to upload more interactive content.

It was started due to an increase in users that were reading articles posted on the social network, most particularly through mobile devices, and in a further bid to appeal to publishers who want to post shareable content to engage more with consumers.

Consumers are constantly going to social media websites like a news source and means of hearing about current events, which highlights the trend in publishers posting informational content to engage more with people.

Rise of social use for news

In our massively technological world, it's the norm for consumers to scour social media websites daily or even multiple times a day, with most updates coming from family and friends on websites such as Facebook.

It's no surprise that when breaking news hits, lots of people immediately go check the story out on social media websites rather than going directly to a news source, hoping to find out what their friends and family have to say about the topic in question.

The new feature on Facebook gives users an easier time-consuming content from publishers that they might go on the share on their social page. The feature includes faster loading times, better interaction on all devices, high-resolution photos and higher quality videos, and in-line commentary capabilities.

Brands can be the publishers

Anyone can be a publisher; it comes as brands are always posting content that is frequent and relates to their consumers. By doing this, they create a close and trusting relationship with them, with the feeling being mutual.

The most effective method brands could use to create this connection is through social media; due to the new Instant Articles feature, posting frequent, relevant things for the audience has never been easier. Losing the need to plan for promotions, campaigns, etc. the feature allows brands to respond quickly to timely events, giving consumers an extra reason to share your information.

Marketers, follow these steps for an efficient use of the Instant Article feature:

1) Creating a team is vital. Assign different roles and share responsibility; this internal process will make it easier to create flowing content that helps maintain the relationship with the consumer.

2) Give your brand voice. Keep posts consistent and give them a personality to make it likeable, memorable and distinctive.

3) Have a platform strategy. It can be clear that some platforms are better at sharing certain content than others. For example, visual and aesthetics is more appreciated on Instagram, with others like Twitter and Facebook more efficient at delivering up-to-date, relevant reactions to current events. And make content flexible for use on mobiles and computers.

With consumers now becoming highly dependent on social media websites to access sources of news, brands should have an increased need to reach them and give them what they want. Along with using the best technology, features like the Instant Articles could give brands the advantage they require.