Text ads are the most common ad format on the Google Network. Whether you are looking for a service, a company, location or more information on a subject, where do we go for that information? The Search Network.

Let’s say you work for a company that provides a pet grooming service. If someone in your location is looking for your services, they are most likely going to search on Google for them. You want to be the first ad they see on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Include Prices, Sales Promotions And Exclusive Deals

This gives your customers an idea of what to expect. By showcasing how much a service is, they aren’t going to receive any unexpected surprises if the price is more than they are willing to pay.  This also means that you will have an increase in CTR. The better the CTR, the better the Quality Score.

Include At Least One Of Your Keywords.

When searching for an item, for example, ‘Digital Cameras’. A customer will not read everything that appears on the page. Naturally, their eyes will scan for ‘digital cameras’. This is so they can quickly navigate to the item they are looking for with minimal effort. By including your keywords in your ad, it shows relevance to what people want. Ad Extensions

Add extensions are clickable links that allow potential customers to navigate quickly to the page they are looking for. For example, often people are looking for the 'About' page of a website to know a little bit more about the business. This provides easy access to your website. Not only do add extensions improve customer experience when clicking on your ad but they also make your ad 50% bigger, taking up more of the page making it more visible.