PPC (Pay Per Click)

A campaign needs to stand out and say something different than the rest. That’s why our team at Distract can help identify the best attributes of your business and apply it to a campaign to generate results.

Pay-per-click advertising is a digital marketing model that can be tailored to help a campaign be visible to a wider audience, from a website to a search engine. It envelops the backbone of internet advertising to make your business more visible to a catered audience.

Paid Search is something that must be treated with care in any campaign, as it’s targeting specialised audiences that your business needs to reach.

Search is a valuable commodity in advertising, which is why we have teams at Distract to know where that focus should be for a client. It needs to target traffic that will receive the most engagement to your brand, which is why we always talk to the client and discover what audience they want to reach.


As an agency we are always on top of the latest trends.

At Distract we help clients optimise their paid search by taking a step back and focusing on how our ads can play into the wider marketing strategy. We believe approaching paid search in a holistic way provides the best results all around. Paid search is about being there when customers are searching, we let the users take the lead and follow the results.

Hannah Langton | Senior Search Manager

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PPC Team

Our specialised team at Distract have a wide variety of experience across years of managing where paid search counts.

Google Advertising

We know where Google Ads count, so we make sure that your ads are visible where it counts. From converting leads into engagements across your site and advertising, we can guide you as to what will count.

Display Advertising & Remarketing

By leveraging our knowledge of the Google Display Network (GDN) we ensure that you achieve strategic and effective advertising to a targeted audience.

YouTube Advertising

Video has exploded in recent years thanks to cheaper cellular plans and smart devices. People want their content now, which is why we believe YouTube advertising can really help a business where it counts.

Bing Advertising

Microsoft’s search engine has grown exponentially in recent years, which is why we have a wide amount of knowledge to see where and when the ads can land best on Bing.

PPC Audit

Not convinced your PPC campaigns are delivering results? Let us review and produce an audit to identify where changes or improvements need to be made.

Google Shopping

More people are shopping online, which is why aim for higher conversion rates to ensure you receive a lower Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

“Distract is an extraordinary organisation whose intellectual capital is innovation. They pride themselves on being at the forefront of change and being luminaries in their field. Do not be fooled by their youth, these guys are making a real and lasting impact.”

Azam Zia

Corporate Commercial Solicitor, Chattertons

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