At Distract we always look to see where we can help, no matter how big or small the brief may be. We can help identify what we can do to convey a campaign to your audience and help generate a return on investment.

Strategy is what holds a campaign together. It helps bring ideas and organisation towards a campaign.

We want to help any business, big or small in making sure that their voice is heard in the noisy, cluttered world of digital marketing.

Our team never treats one client the same; every campaign, every brief brings new challenges and create new ideas that can make them flourish. From product launches to creating a series of podcasts for a business, we only aim to make the best for what they ask for.

We always speak to the client throughout the journey to better understand what they want, and cater the campaign to this. Adapting and taking on new challenges is how we thrive at Distract.

Always have a Plan B, C and D.

Strategy is a backbone of campaigns at Distract. Without a clear and concise plan the whole thing can fall apart. This is why our team prepare for any unforeseen scenarios, while focusing on helping the client succeed.

Peter Watson | Managing Director

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What We Offer

Paid Search

Search engines are the main routes to an audience discovering your business. This is where our team can finely optimise your site for SEO and adverts to make your business visible.

Digital PR

From podcasts and newsletters to broadcast and print, our PR team will use their established contacts in making your content visible in the relevant outlets.

Paid Social

It can be confusing to swim in the sea of social platforms, which is where our team can see which one is best for your business.

Video Production

From short adverts for social platforms to interview videos, our videographers will be able to cater to the right theme and feel of your business.

Company Advice

If you just want some help in certain areas, our team can reach out and see what we can do to further enhance certain copy of an advert, or help edit a series of podcasts.

Website Design

Our team of developers can create a website that’s fast, elegant, and easy to view on the many devices out there. The landing page to a site makes the first impression, and that’s where our team can make that shine.

“We were put in touch with Distract by someone close to our charity around a year ago. Since instructing their services, we've been very impressed by the expertise and enthusiasm shown by their team. Their hunger and desire to drive projects forward is admirable, and they have served as a great extension to our marketing and communications team, helping us do even more to raise awareness of sepsis.”

Simon Hills

Business Development Manager, The UK Sepsis Trust

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