Social Media Advertising is already one of the best methods for growing any business within a campaign. Have the copy and the timing right and the return on investment could be huge. But it’s also a sea of choice, as one social site does not fit all.

Social media comes in many forms, with established sites being the norm for advertising campaigns, while upcoming ones can make a big impression for certain businesses. They can cater to an exact category, right down to the age and gender of the audience.

At Distract we have a team that look at social media as a priority in a campaign. We look to see which platform would work best for the client, and make sure that the content would fit for the audience they would want to appeal to.

We target audiences who want to feel that the business will be helping them in some way, and it reflects in the advertisements that we create for them. It encourages the lead in order to create that final conversion, and a bigger audience for the business.

Social Advertising is a crucial part of Marketing Campaigns.

It all comes back to the objective of the campaign, and social is a big pillar of this. Looking at the strategy and the types of audience are crucial in learning how social can benefit a campaign.

Stephanie Henderson | Senior Account Manager

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Social Team at Distract

Our specialised Social department bring years of experience and creative ideas in order to help bolster social engagement to clients, from one social platform to the next.


Our holistic approach to all paid social campaigns means we prepare a way of engaging with audiences that match your overall business strategy, not just your marketing plans. By using brand voice and reinforcing your messages, our social campaigns are strategic from the very start.

Social Media Advertising

Knowing the best platforms and techniques to make your campaigns perform at their best is our business. A constantly shifting operation, we monitor, manage and improve your advertising on social media, giving you the most effective results, no matter what the subject.

Advertising Optimisation

Never settling on conversions, and the return of a campaign is important. We make sure that the team are constantly looking for ways to improve the return of our campaigns, rather than just setting them up and hoping all goes to plan.

Content Creation

A successful social campaign needs to be supported with original and creative content. Our team is not only technically proficient, our creative department are always on hand to the mix to make campaigns stand out from the crowd.

Audience Profiling

Do you know who your key audiences are? Our bespoke profiling techniques will confirm which demographics engage most and are more interested in your business or products. We can then use this information to form more honed, successful campaigns.

Funnel Creation

With our strategic approach, we ensure that customers are engaged with at key touchpoints on multiple levels so they remain aware of your products or services. We believe in a varied, innovative approach, not overwhelming leads with the same content over and over.

Social Media Remarketing

Remarketing when done right can be the moment customers choose to commit to a purchase or enquiry. We use non-invasive, proven techniques to strike the balance of lead encouragement and results.

Social Media Advertising Audit

Are your social media advertising channels being managed effectively? Our thorough and investigative audits will give you a clear understanding of what is working well and where improvements need to be made.

“The results speak for themselves when you look at the return on investment and kudos we receive both internally and externally for our marketing efforts. Distract’s work is the envy of our competitors.”

James Pinchbeck

Marketing Partner, Streets Chartered Accountants

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