Are you part of the podcast boom?

We get asked about ways to self-promote and spread key messaging all the time. At the moment, audio is truly a category that’s really growing and one of the best ways that people are seeing returns right now in terms of content creation is podcasting.

If 2017 was the year that the podcast came of age for many, then 2018 is where the boom happened. More content than ever is being uploaded and we are experiencing a surge in the amount of people listening in regularly. The number of weekly podcast listeners has almost doubled in five years – from 3.2m (7% of adults aged 15+) in 2013 to 5.9m (11%) in 2018.

A great example of this boom is Anchor. The platform, which has moved from simple voice to content app, to an all-encompassing podcast shop for creators really shows how simple it is to create and execute a successful podcast.

Now anyone with a laptop, some free recording software and a microphone can set their own agenda and become a podcast host. But forget the hobbyists, this is an opportunity for business and is a chance for you to really shout about what you are passionate about.

Using platforms such as Anchor to create and track your thoughtful, insightful messages is just the tip of the iceberg. Want to start podcasting effectively?

Here are some tips:

  • Be unique: Make the podcast you create stand out. Is your industry considered a traditional and serious one? Why not inject some less serious content into the mix? Is there a figurehead for your sector?
  • Consume: Listen to as many varied podcasts as possible, seek out what you feel makes them special. If you appreciate the irreverent style of a comedy podcast crossed with the no-nonsense advice of a business-geared show, why not see if you combine your influences to create something truly unique?
  • Prepare: When starting off, it’s often said that it’s best to have at least ten episodes ready before you publish your debut episode and to make sure they are your best work. Often a listener will only subscribe or keep coming back if their first impression is good. Get these edited, mastered and presented properly from the start.
  • Schedule: The key also, is to remain consistent. Too often we see podcasts begin, only to fade quickly due to irregular publishing times or dates. Make a plan and stick to it, regular listeners appreciate a timely update, so be there when they expect you.
  • Persevere: In terms of audience, don’t expect an overnight success. Your style, content and delivery will evolve and improve as you publish more and more episodes. Some of the most successful podcasts had to grind for dozens of episodes before they saw any traction.
  • Collaborate: Don’t go it alone, consider at least the odd episode with guests or interviews. This will make your message less one-sided and will force you to think on your feet. There’s nothing worse than a scripted, dull podcast. Also, try and guest on other people’s episodes, sharing audiences is advantageous for both parties.

Overall, podcasts are a way into a new audience you might not have considered before. The world really is your oyster in this respect. It really should be part of your overall content strategy, reflect your video, blog and PR content to really make an impact.

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