Do you have questions about Social Media advertising?

From Pixels to placements, Insight Tags to impressions, our Social Media advertising team share their expert thoughts and latest updates.

Why your ROAS might not be as good as you think

ROAS is essential to determine whether a campaign is producing the revenue you expect it to and whether you should renew the campaign or bring it to a close to avoid wasting more of your ad budget.

How to start marketing with a small budget

As with every start to marketing, it is important to define your goal and determine what it is that you want out of your paid advertising.

Perception and Branding

Fashion is a funny thing. What might be everyone’s cup of tea one week, might be the target of disdain the next. Fashion dictates not only clothing and style, but also marketing. How can you stay ahead of the most changeable zeitgeist there is? Spoiler, you probably can’t!

Creating exclusivity: using scarcity as marketing

Exclusivity by its very nature will always be a marketing winner. Everyone wants to feel like they are getting something special or have beaten the crowds to the punch. Actual scarcity breeds value, created scarcity instead creates attention, engagement and memorable campaigns.

Should you always jump on every trend?

In marketing, there’s a real underlying cult-like feel to everyday life...

Starting 2022 marketing off right

It may seem like we are all walking through treacle when it comes to business in 2022. The devastating effects of COVID-19 have not been undersold by any means, but it pays to be optimistic in business and therefore, marketing.

Social Media – what’s your take?

Social Media is undoubtedly one of the best ways to make an impression online, as we have come through the medium’s developmental years and into a more crowded marketplace and a huge increase in users both of digital natives and those new to it, messaging and picking your battles has become a challenge that many are still confused about.

Influencers, has the time come to reassess their worth?

A survey by Sitecore that appeared on Marketing Week suggested 73% of those aged between 18 and 44 find influencers vain and annoying.

Podcast Promotion: what are Audiograms?

Podcasts are a fantastic medium for any business to reach its customers. Even as a hobby, a podcast enables users to download and listen to an episode whenever they choose to. For businesses, they are highly trackable and measurable tools for engagement, marketing and perhaps sales and real revenue generation when done correctly.