Can TikTok Marketing Really Supercharge your Business Success?

TikTok marketing has been around for some time, and many businesses have reaped the rewards, increasing their brand awareness. But fear not; adding TikTok to your digital marketing strategy is not too late.

Here we take a look at how we can use TikTok for both B2C and B2B to supercharge your business success.

TikTok marketing has been around for some time, and many businesses have reaped the rewards, increasing their brand awareness. But fear not; it’s not too late to add TikTok to your digital marketing strategy. TikTok continues to explode globally, with 104 million downloads in January 2023, a 46% increase from January 2022. As one of the leading social media platforms, TikTok opens doors to an audience that, despite already being large, is still growing. If TikTok isn’t part of your social media strategy, the huge potential to tap into a wider audience should be enough to sway you alone. 

The boom in TikTok marketing is due to many factors. For starters, videos can be of varying lengths, appear seamlessly in a user’s feed, can be tailored to a particular niche and feel very natural. Using TikTok can help your business increase brand awareness, build engaged communities, sell and advertise products and services to target audiences, get customer feedback, and provide customer service. 

However, there is a misconception that TikTok marketing doesn’t apply to B2B businesses. We’re here to let you know this isn’t true; TikTok gives brands of all kinds a chance to show their audiences and customers that they have a personality. Using TikTok’s short-form videos, brands can get creative and refresh their social media strategies. Thus, B2B brands can use this to their advantage, showing their products or services in action and revealing snippets of what goes on behind the scenes. This strategy helps to build stronger connections with your audience, who will see your brand as more human and authentic. 

Another mistake many businesses make is choosing not to use TikTok as a marketing tool because they believe the app is only for younger audiences. Statistics show that half of TikTok users are over 24, meaning you can still reach members other than teenagers. The social media platform has countless opportunities to engage niche audiences within the GenZ, millennial and Baby Boomer spaces. The most important thing is to get your messaging correct based on your target audience and capture their attention. 

In order to decide if TikTok marketing is a good idea for your business, consider what type of content you want to be making and sharing to achieve your goals and objectives. For example, if brand awareness is your main goal, then TikTok is great for sharing your brand personality and introducing the team behind it. However, if your main goal is to drive conversions and traffic, you can still succeed by getting creative with TikTok. In this instance, it’s less important to give the business a face and more important to show your products or services simply through TikTok’s unique style of short-form videos.

Regardless of your goals and how you choose to make content, the most important thing is ensuring your content is authentic. Users don’t want to be sold to; they want to be entertained or informed. The great thing about TikTok is that you don’t need fancy equipment or a high skillset. As long as you have a smartphone and internet connection, you can connect your audiences with your products or services through relatable stories or fun trends. This will encourage users to stay with your brand and continue their user journey all the way to making a conversion. Jumping on trends allows other people and your audience to get involved, increasing everyone’s chances of going viral – including your brand.

Therefore, TikTok can supercharge your business success when used correctly and consistently in conjunction with your other marketing tools. Short, digestible clips that grab viewers’ attention can show a wide range of people what your brand has to offer. For very little money, TikTok has the potential to grow your brand awareness, increase conversions and strengthen customer engagement. So, what are you waiting for?

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