Do you have questions about Social Media advertising?

From Pixels to placements, Insight Tags to impressions, our Social Media advertising team share their expert thoughts and latest updates.

Podcast Promotion: what are Audiograms?

Podcasts are a fantastic medium for any business to reach its customers. Even as a hobby, a podcast enables users to download and listen to an episode whenever they choose to. For businesses, they are highly trackable and measurable tools for engagement, marketing and perhaps sales and real revenue generation when done correctly.

Monitoring key metrics for marketing campaigns

In every campaign, it’s crucial that some goals are set, right from the beginning. It helps drive the team to the end result, while also helping the team come up with more ideas for the business along the way.

Being a Client’s guide

Whenever we begin a working relationship with a client, one of the most important aspects is to understand their needs, and understand what we can do to help them.

Choosing small can return big results!

Over the years there have been plenty of social media channels that have made a big impact in campaigns for businesses.

In video, big impact is in the small touches

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and it can seep into the ideas and plans that we try to create each day. That comes into play every day in the Distract Creative Team.

How to measure your return from advertising spend

In any advertising campaign, you want to make sure that you’ve got the right budget. Too low and the potential for more sales and engagement may not be as effective, the budget needs to be right for what the campaign is aiming for.

Where should you start when it comes to digital marketing?

Research. Research. Research. If you’re ever unsure where to begin when looking at digital marketing for your campaign, those three points are a good place to start.

Shifting your message from empathy to empowerment

Empathy noun: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Empowerment noun: authority or power given to someone to do something.

Remarketing on Facebook: once is never enough

You might have started to use remarketing on Facebook, but are you doing it enough?