Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks and its especially strong in the female sector with 80% of females having an account and of those 50% have a child.

1) Tell your story

Pinterest allows you to give your brand a personality, so share your story with the audience. As a business owner, think about what your brand would look and act like if you could meet it as a person. How would you want your business personified? You can achieve this by:

- creating a Pinterest board.
- creating categories for the board so it relates to your brand's interests. This makes it relevant to your audience.
- pinning the relevant content and making sure what you pin is associated to your brand.

2) Sell without selling

Pinterest allows opportunities to share eye-catching photos to engage with consumers around the brand. For example; you're unsure as to what you want for tea and you look under the Food & Drink section of Pinterest for help and advice. From the images that appear after the search, you are redirected to the original website source of where the recipe came from. You then take note of the ingredients and go out and buy the products and are ready to cook food based on the Pinterest search. This is how Pinterest engages with consumers through eye-catching content, making them click on your designated page, providing a sale without having to pay.

3) Hit the bigger audiences

Everyone has more than one interest, whether that varies from cooking to surfing, to music, to football, etc. Pinterest allows you to engage with your consumer by appealing to their personal interests, reaching those who share similar interests to your brand rather than those searching for specifics. But now with 36 categories, be careful of including categories irrelevant to your brand or what you are targeting, it's a waste of space and effort.

4) Get bigger, go viral

By utilising Pinterest, your brand could reach a lot of users without much effort. With the average pin reaching about 170 people, a repin increases by that same number per repin, and so could reach over double the amount and more consumers. By getting repins, you're looking at some massive figures which could just lead to a high number of people accessing your brand - that's without calculating the amount of people accessing a highly influential pinner. Community Boards are also another method of making your brand better known.

5) Keep traffic flowing, drive people back to your website

Pinterest allows you to create a hyperlink to any URL to your pins, which means that when a user clicks on the link, they are redirected to wherever you want them to go. You could hyperlink your consumers to your brand's website or Facebook page to keep interest high and engaging. If you have any food recipes you want to share or any events happening, draw attention to it on Pinterest with an eye-catching photo, and then hyperlink it to the Facebook page which tells the consumer about the event.

6) Integration of selling

Pinterest has now implemented sell-able pins, giving you the added bonus of making sales through Pinterest, this gives you huge benefit of merging you social media campaign and sales aims together. We have an article with more information here: