While it is widely acknowledged that the more shares you get, the more views your blog will get, those Twitter shares can be hard to come by. There are, however, some things that you can do to increase the chances of being shared.

1) Twitter sharing buttons: While this is one of the most basic, it is one of the most forgotten tips. Your blog should have clearly displayed share to Twitterbutton. The best places to put this button are immediately after the headline, after the article or on the left sidebar.

2) Mobile compatibility: Once again, this is a very basic stage but one not to miss. Your site should be optimised and compatible across all mobile devices. If this is not the case then you will automatically be alienating potential readers, readers who could be sharing your blog.

3) Catchy title: One of the most important things to remember when posting any form of professional content is that it has to be up to your stand, this applies to your headlines. Your headline is your first, most important, chance to make an impression on your audience.

4) Make the most of field experts: Making reference to recognised experts in the field will attract a wider audience than you may have previously gotten, it shows an extra sense of credibility. There are a wide variety of ways you can utilise experts: Offer opportunities to guest blog on your platform to an expert, link to another article by another brand or expert within your own article

and quote some of the content that was addressed by someone else to make the case in your own content.

5) Use images and videos: On the whole, photos, videos and other forms of content are often more inviting and memorable for your audience, so you should be using media to your advantage. Visually appealing content should add to your already well-developed written content.

6) Ask for Retweets: Dont be shy, asking for shares and retweets can be a very powerful way to inspire readers. You can ask for Thanksin the form of a share, this is a very common technique. You can also set up the tweet to ask for a retweet when the user shares your post.

7) Make it worth their while: All six of the previous tips are completely useless if your content is boring and lacklustre. Your article should be offering something to your readers and if its not you should be asking yourself, what is the point in it? For your audience to share your posts they will want something in return for it, whether it's a store discount, a free eBook or monthly discounts.