Twitter is an undeniably important part of your social media presence so you should be setting up your account correctly to make the most of it. In short, Twitter is a micro-blogging tool that encourages you to share regularly your thoughts.

Twitter feeds are extremely fast moving as posts are limited to 160 characters. The character limit encourages people to share often rather than few and far between. One of the biggest benefits of the site as a social media platform is its enormous user base.

To make an account, you will only need 10 minutes. Go to the homepage and select the sign-up option. If your name is available, Twitter will automatically attempt to make this your user name, if not it will help you generate one.

Try to keep your user name as simple as possible, you user name is another representation of your brand so it should be unique to you and recognisable. It’s then a simple matter of filling in you personal details, such as email address.

After you’ve done this you will receive an Email from the Twitter verification team, click on the link in the Email to verify your account. Do remember, this is a significant step.

Once your account if verified you will be taken to the Twitter home page for the first time. It will give you a whole host of suggestions. These options will let you personalise your account, at this point it is a blank canvas.

Many Twitter users fall into the trap of protecting their tweets. I would strongly advise you against this though there are obvious reasons why people have been tempted, the whole point of your Twitter account is for your brand communicate with as many people as possible.

After you have dressed up your page, you are good to go. It is best at this point to spend a few hours just getting used to the site and the way people post. You won’t become a Twitter God after one day but the more time you spend looking at other peoples’ tweets the closer you’ll get.