So you’re creating your Facebook Ads, but you’re greeted with a number of different advert types, or ‘Objectives’. But which one do you pick: Engagement? Conversions? Traffic? Brand Awareness?

The answer to which objective works best lies with what you want to achieve. At Chatty Imp, we rarely use the objectives other than; Traffic, Engagement, Conversions, Lead Generation and Video Views.

Here are the key features of some of the more objectives, to help you decide which one will work best for your campaign.


If you’re looking to get people to your website, Traffic is the objective for you. Facebook will serve your ads to the people that are most likely to click through to your website. The key things to look out for on this objective are the number of clicks that your ads generate, and the cost-per-click (CPC).


If you’re looking to get as many comments, shares and likes on your post as possible, then Engagement is the objective you need. This objective is perfect for competitions and announcements. Posts with high engagement are ideal for building your remarketing audiences, and act as a great generator of social proof. Cost-per-engagement is the metric that you need to keep an eye on here.


If you want to sell products on your online store, get more eBook downloads or get more actions on your website, then Conversions is the one for you. Facebook will send your ads to people most likely to perform the action you have set as a conversion. The metric that you need to watch here is your cost-per-conversion. You want this to be as low as possible, and is a good indication of your ROI. You will also need to set up a Facebook Pixel on your website for this objective. For information on that, visit Facebook Help Centre. This is essentially a piece of code that is installed on your website that allows Facebook to track activity on the website which relates to your conversion.

Lead Generation

If your business is service-orientated, and you’re looking to find leads, then Lead Generation is the objective you need to be using. This presents Facebook users with a short form which can be customised, that collects data from interested people, similar to the call-back form that you’ll find on most service-based websites. Leads are stereotypically the most expensive form of objective on Facebook, partly because leads are rarer and more difficult to generate than other actions.

Video Views

If you have had a neat video made, then Video Views is the objective that will get you the most views at the best possible price. The key metrics you need to key an eye on here are cost-per-3-second-view and average watch time. You can then send subsequent remarketing ads to people that watched over or under a certain amount of your video.

If you have any other questions about Facebook advertising, or would like a free consultation to see how this can grow your business, drop us an email on!