Following Pinterest's  announcement of buyable pins, Facebook has announced plans to expand their on-site 'Buy' button. The button will allow US shopify users to make efficient use of their Facebook campaigns, for the first time, sellers can sell as well as promote through the site. Once Facebook has been added to the shopify sales channel, users will be able to post to the social media site with the 'Buy' button enabling customers to shop while scrolling their social media newsfeed.

The 'Buy' button will appear whenever there are Shopify advertisements on Facebook, making shopping an easy experience for social media users. This new development is part of the company's efforts to keep Facebook users on the site for as long as possible. Shopify hosts more than 100,000 businesses around the world and will work with Facebook while the new feature is refined. This collaboration also has the potential to defend shopify from any competition threats posed by Pinterest's 'Buy it' feature which will be made available at the end of the month.

Facebook and Pinterest's advancement's in social media online shopping are unveiled at the same time that Walker Sands' Reinventing Retail report showed that American's are shopping online more than ever before. The survey found that 6% more Americans shop online once a month than last year and 28% of participants say they shop online at least once a week. Facebook is considered to be a front runner in terms of social media and Walker Sands predicts it will place highly in the retail world after the 'Buy' button has been fully tried and tested.