Moving your clients from one medium to another is critical to the success of your business. One thing that is necessary for this day and age is keeping that customer within your system, whether that be on a mailing list or in your social media presence. I am going to go through the method making your physical customers aware, to then allow you to move them into your social channels so you can maximise the relationship you have with them.

Currently, we are working with a client who has a waiting room at his office; the waiting room is utilised on every visit, with the average person in there for approximately 15 minutes. So for us as Social Media and Marketing advisors, it is our job to utilise this space to create extra value for the user while they are in there. In the room already, there is access to the businesses WIFI which shows that the company is helping the customer get online. The first thing we have done is created Table Talkers allowing us to promote the different social platforms the business is on. The reason we have gone about that is because when people wait around their eyes wander the room, if we can get the customer to engage with us on social media and get involved with the discussion then this helps the business keep in touch with the client through an extra medium.

Physical storefronts are one of the easiest methods in my opinion and are something that I really can’t believe more stores are not doing. When you buy something from a store you normally get a carrier bag but every time you will get a receipt. It baffles me that every store in this day and age does not have social media links at the bottom of the receipt. It is the number one place for you to advertise anything for your business. The carrier bag as well, every store should have their designed carrier bag as when customers leave your shop and walk around they are acting as a moving billboard for you.

As I write this I’m sitting on a Virgin train, and even here they are utilising the wandering eyes. They are maximising the spaces asking for customers to “open a conversation” on social media, more specifically, Twitter as they know that once they get you there they can build a more solid relationship over time, making you a more loyal customer.

Getting your customers from offline to online to interact with your brand is critical and is a must for a forward thinking company. How you do it depends on the type of business that you have, but focus on where your customer’s eyes are going to be and utilise that medium. The next question is how you persuade your clients to actually make the move once you have caught their attention. However, that in itself is an article….