If you’re not already, you should be using Twitter analytics to improve your performance. Without knowledge of what is successful and what isn’t you are unable to adapt your content and posts and achieve your desired results.

The analytics tool is perhaps one of Twitter’s best-kept secrets. It remains a secret as it gives you access to data that is currently unavailable to third party players.

The feedback tool is designed to be used by paying social media marketers with advertiser status, as opposed to everyday individuals. The feature is not only used on Twitter, but it has also long been used by businesses who market on Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you’re currently advertising without a proper, verified account, then it should become a priority to get one. You can request this status by going to https://analytics.twitter.com. This is an important stage, nd it will include payment.

At this stage you will also need to create promoted Tweets or a Twitter Card Campaign. Should you decide to set up a campaign with a future date, you are given the option to cancel this for free and you still have access to the analytics dashboard.

Twitter analytics also offers the opportunity to look at your followers. This service is unique as it offers you insights that would not have been otherwise available through other third party providers.

Each of the streamlined Twitter Analytics dashboards that are on offer will display unique data. It is vital that you track campaigns and your overall account success. Being able to monitor your Twitter data undeniably provides a deeper look at what you’re doing successfully and what’s not working, this is an extremely important factor in promoting your brand on Twitter.