We test multiple advertising creatives all the time to see what is providing the best return for our clients. Most recently we have seen a large increase in the use of, and success with portrait video. This is likely due to the reason that 1 billion of the 1.8 billion active monthly users on Facebook only use Facebook on their mobile: portrait video content takes up more of the screen, meaning it is more engaging and immersive.

Facebook have clearly realised this and dragged the format across to their Instagram platform. "Advertisers will now be able to advertise on Instagram using a vertical video and image format up to 4:5 in aspect ratio". This allows advertisers to really make use of the creative aspect that video allows; beneficial for a platform that we predict big things for in 2017. These continued changes will likely ensure the platform's future success; keeping advertisers and users happy.

wersm instagram ad vertical - Instagram Adds Vertical Video Ad Formats

It is clear, that portrait video ads are the way forward with brands like Mulberry, Guaraná Antarctica and LG USA are already using the new format.