Pinterest has made waves in the news once again by announcing another new feature. Users are now allowed to upload information about their location, including opening times, address, and store phone number.

This development comes in the wake of the site adapting to Facebook, providing shoppers with an effortless experience.

“After clicking on an ad, people will see a fast-loading, full-screen experience where they can browse through a variety of products, before going to the retailer’s website to purchase.”

The recent update to the online sales platform brings yet another dimension to the site. For independent business owners, it means there are new marketing boxes to tick. For already established Pinterest users, it could be a spanner in the works.

While shop owners can boost their reputation and build brand recognition by using the location tool on Pinterest. This approach gives business owners the chance to target people in the immediate

On the other hand, they can focus on places in a single city or country or similar places across the globe. It creates the opportunity to think creatively and think outside the box, something that is likely to intrigue your audience.

Pinterest is one of the top social media platforms currently out there, and it is continually growing. There are a ton of creative ideas popping up on how to embrace new features like Pinterest place pins.