Are blogs worth the effort?

Marketing Managers often ask if maintaining the blog on their website is worth the effort – we asked our team, and here’s what they said!


– Blogs are important for your business to become a source of knowledge. So, if people have a question about their industry and they’re constantly coming back to you, then you’re going to build up a trust with that person. You’re going to get repeat visitors and when that person does come to wanting to buy your product or service, they’re going to already know that you know what you’re talking about, and they’re more likely to trust you and go with you.

– There are millions of websites out there that have pointless blogs that do absolutely nothing. Now, in some cases, brands have decided to completely ignore their blog, move on with their life, and create content like this, or podcasts. For me, the blog is a huge, huge win towards educating your audience before they even speak to you.

– There’s quite a few ways that businesses can use blogs on their website to benefit their SEO and business in general. Blogs are very good for generating backlinks, for a start. You can use links from other websites to your blog and this can not only be a good source of traffic but also increase your quality factor with Google, which is a good ranking factor to improve your rankings on Google. Blogs are a really good place for content that is filled with keywords that people are actually searching for and that you want to rank for. There’s no use writing a big blog that’s absolutely meaningless to your business, absolutely meaningless to your product, and isn’t really what people are after. Keep your blogs relevant to your business and relevant to what your customers are searching for, and you’ll see a much better improvement in the quality of your visitors.

– But what I want you to think about is rather than writing long posts that really are nothing, is there a way you can modernise the blog? Is there a way you can create new ways of creating that onsite content? Can you create three-tiered content? Now, three-tiered content in my opinion is simply like this: this video can be subtitled, therefore it can be written, therefore we can create a blog out of video content. Out of that video content, you can also create podcast content. You see, me sitting here right now and delivering this video message actually can create a video piece of content, a podcast piece of content, and also the written form and blog. So rather than just typing things up for the sake of it, just to tick some internal KPIs, think about the use of the content, the way you can create that content, and most importantly, what benefit that has for your target audience.

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