How can we stay ahead in marketing?

How do you stay ahead in a race that never stops? Marketing Managers ask us how to stay on top of their competitors. We asked the team and this is what they said!


– So I think in this day and age, now that so many businesses and such a wide range of businesses are investing in themselves in terms of advertising on Google and Facebook and all these different channels, it’s very important to stand out from the crowd and tell a story about your business and why you’re different, and why people should come to you and not your competitors.

– When it comes to marketing, I really believe that innovation should be the heart of most things you do. And the reality is that we’re in an industry that is changing so, so fast, it’s moving all the time. The strategies that were working three years ago, sometimes aren’t even working today and we’re in an ever-changing landscape. And one of the reasons that I say that is that it really means that you as a Marketing Manager, Director or Managing Director, you have to make sure you’re continuously innovating, continuously pushing yourself further forward. And what I call an innovation budget within a marketing aspect is that every brand out there should have a budget that they put aside, that is for new, potentially game-changing strategies. And I normally say around 10% to 20% of your budget should be your innovation budget. And what you do with that budget, you just try things you’re not sure will work or not. You just give a punt on a few areas, because what sometimes happens when you try new things, is that sometimes they work. And if they work really, really well, that 10% can turn to 90%, that 10% that you gambled and you gave a go, could actually be your whole strategy for the next financial year. But if you never try and you never innovate, you’ll never ever have the opportunity for your whole marketing budget to change, and put you really on the map.

– Your message needs to be simple for it to work effectively. Sometimes the simplest messages work best.

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