What is dynamic remarketing and how could it help your business?

Have you visited a website, and viewed a particular product, and noticed that ever since that product has been following you around the internet in the form of display adverts?

If so, what you’re witnessing is dynamic remarketing, and it is a great way to remind your website visitors about your products that they showed interest in.

Unlike standard remarketing, that shows people a generic display advert if they have visited your website, regardless of which products they looked at, dynamic remarketing tracks which particular product pages that website visitors visited and can therefore send them adverts that are far more unique to their buying behaviours

Why is dynamic remarketing better?

Most businesses have a range of different products, and these products are often bought by very different people. Dynamic remarketing allows you to show ads that are incredibly relevant to individual website visitors, therefore producing a better ROI.

Does it work for service-based businesses?

Yes! We have used dynamic remarketing for Estate Agents and other services. By sending adverts with particular properties to people that had visited those actual pages, we were able to drive high quality traffic back to our clients’ websites and produce a significant ROI.

Is it expensive?

Remarketing in general is a relatively cheap form of Pay-Per-Click marketing, making it very accessible to businesses. Because display adverts are very rarely clicked, you’re very rarely charged, but whilst you are gaining impressions from people that has visited your website, you are effectively getting free advertising.

Is it easy to get going?

You will need to set up Google Merchant Centre, which can be tricky, but there are plenty of guides on Google’s Support Centre. Once you’ve uploaded your products to the product feed, Google will begin to distribute your ads throughout the Display Centre, reminding people of the products that they showed interest in.

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