4 reasons your business needs to be using Gmail ads

Gmail ads are an incredibly powerful PPC marketing tool, yet they remain hugely under used and under estimated. They’re incredibly targeted, relevant and cost effective, yet businesses consistently overlook the tool. Here’s 4 reasons:

High Click-Through Rates and quality scores

Unlike search ads, Gmail ads don’t actually have a quality score. However, quality score can still be measured. Cost per Click vs. Click-through rate (open rate) gives you a good indication of the quality of key words you are bidding on. A higher click-through rate indicates a lower CPC (cost per click), whereas a lower click-through rate indicates a much higher cost per click. 

The objective is to have a high click through rate, that way more people are interacting with your ads, and you’re paying less for them to do so. 

You can tie in remarketing

Remarkeing is an incredibly useful tool. It uses a person’s internet browsing history to predict future behaviour. If you have an email database of 10,000 email addresses, how many of them are likely to buy from you in the near future? Very few. Remarketing uses a channel in which they are already used to seeing your brand, but is far more bespoke to their specific real-time needs. Are those people more likely to buy from you? You bet they are.

Then you tie in deeper remarketing that sends them ads for actual products they’ve looked at. All of a sudden, you’ve gone from sending out a blanket ‘please buy from me’ email to your 10% open-rate database to sending real-time, product specific ads to interested leads.  

Competitor Keywords

Why limit yourself to bidding on keywords that only relate to your brand? If people are talking about your competitors via email, it’s unlikely to be because they’re really happy with them. It’s more likely to be because they are unhappy with them. An opportunity for a competitor to sweep in? Correct. 

Think about it. How often do you email a business because they’re doing a great job? Not very often? How often to you email a business to; chase up an order, complain, or enquire? A lot more often. Using Gmail Keyword targeting on your competitors names means you can show your ads to potentially unhappy customers of your competitors, and people with an interest in your service, but it yet to choose a supplier. 

There are 4 different advert types

Gmail ads offer you more variation in the way your ad is delivered, which means you can choose a format that better suits your product or service. The 4 types are; Image, Single Promotion, Multi-product and Catalogue. If you are selling a service, then the ‘Image’ or ‘Single Promotion’ format is for you. If you are selling products, particularly if you have a range of products, choose ‘Multi-product’, or ‘Catalogue’.

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