Focusing on the right data for the right client

I previously shared how we had to be the guide to the client in a variety of ways, to have a partnership that can benefit both of us. When you focus too much on data, this can bleed into the partnership between us and the client.

This is where communication rules above all. Without it, the team and the client can be looking at the wrong data, the type that may look substantial, but in the long-run, has no bearing on the results of engagement.

Knowing the Status of the Campaign

The first thing to remember is that, as the advertiser, it’s important to be aware of what’s going on with all of the campaigns you’re managing. From the websites and podcasts to the copy and engagement; it’s everything. You need to have an overview of where each client is and where to focus for each one.

Even if you don’t share all of this information with the client, it’s important that you ensure the relevant people in the team are aware. Delegation and focus on the right parts of data will make sure the campaign can receive the right engagement. After all, the number one rule of reporting and analysing is the objective of your campaign.

What is it you’re looking to achieve?

If it’s eBooks and podcasts, focus on the audiences who will look to be subscribing to a show that covers the company’s expertise.

However, if it’s a helping hand to an existing campaign, then look to the strengths and amplify it, based on the data given from past campaigns and engagement.

For example, if I want audiences to download an eBook, I will judge the cost per download, CPC, conversion rate and so on.

On the other hand, if I want an audience to watch a piece of niche video content, I will judge the cost per video view, percentage of the video watched, and so forth.

Data is King

Data is the most useful asset when you focus on the right attributes. It needs to be relevant to the campaign. With reporting the metrics, all of it comes back to the objective of the campaign.

It makes sense to judge a task on what it’s designed to do, on how it’s meant to appeal to a certain audience. Then once these are done, optimise it to make the task work even better for that specific part of the campaign.

That’s when the right data wins out.

It’s going back to the point of focus. In marketing, you can be overwhelmed with so many types of data that you may simply not know where to start.

That’s where the focus on parts of the campaign is key. Work backwards and look to where you will need certain data points. That’s when you can better understand how the campaign can benefit more from eBooks, podcasts and video, and in turn, a better campaign for the client.

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Peter Watson | Managing Director

Peter Watson is the Managing Director and co-founder of Distract as well as Featured Group, which seeks to found and develop innovative brands and businesses.

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