In Strategy, collaboration is key

Sometimes there’s nothing better than when a plan comes together, and usually that’s because of a team working towards one goal of making sure that it’s the best it can be.

Collaboration is an important aspect of success at Distract; it requires people from different departments and ultimately clients to come together, to add and encourage ideas while crafting the perfect campaign.

Ideas begin to crystallise, spontaneous plans for other parts of a campaign also begin to be suggested, and in-turn encourage others to speak of how they see parts of the marketing campaign to form even further. Sometimes it’s truly amazing to see people’s ideas be used, through inspiration, past experience and intuition. 

Buying into the idea is what’s needed for the plan to come together in the first place. Without having everyone on both the team and the client side on the same page, the whole plan can fall apart. Strategy is a reflection of a brand’s identity; it can bring cohesiveness to the objective but also helps everyone to focus on the overall goal.

What’s great in this kind of situation is that you may also find yourself working with people that you haven’t worked with before, and that’s always a positive. It could spur ideas and could uncover or encourage collaborations that you would previously be unaware of.

When setting out a plan, one of the best things to do is bringing in an MD, director, or someone who can approve the plan and the budget for it, very early on. This way, they can gain a greater understanding of the project and most all, the why. If they were to be brought in towards the end, they would feel unfamiliar and out of the collaborative loop; they would also need additional time in understanding why the idea needs to go in a certain direction that’s been agreed previously. 

Collaboration can promote empowerment to those who may be shy, and in-turn, it can nurture innovation to see how the campaign could best benefit the business. 

Collaboration can even lead to a happier working environment. From the gem of the idea to the main layout of the campaign, it could spur other ideas, what may start out as a spark of an idea can be developed into a campaign worthy of the brand you are working with.

That sense of accomplishment is something we strive for with our campaigns. To work together and make something happen that may be a little experimental or daring is our ultimate aim. Anyone can take an idea and make it work if it’s predictable, but when we work together, even though the ending might not be predictable, if it’s worked out, then that’s fantastic. 

Collaboration brings innovation and more ideas that some may never have thought of before. Everyone is involved and has their moment to shine for the project. They claim ownership on certain ideas, and in-turn, everyone wins from the collaboration that’s brought to every team. Everyone wins together, and everyone is empowered by what could be done in the next project. Try inclusiveness, it’s not just a buzzword.

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