Why your business needs to use Facebook Advertising and how to get started

Does your business use Facebook advertising? If not, it should be. Facebook adverts are amongst the most targeted, flexible and targeted advert formats around, and you’d be a fool not to get involved, especially with the huge and measurable potential ROIs.

If you’re thinking about not using Facebook advertising because it isn’t ‘right’ for your business, I ask you this; do you think your customers stop thinking about their business/responsibilities when they get their phone out to check their news feed?

People believe that customers lives are made up of several separate head spaces (work, parenting, self fulfilment), and while one single consumer has many roles, and therefore many needs – they operate in the same head space for every hour they are awake.

For example; you sell printers, and your customers are small business owners. The small business owner is also many other things, so when he comes home and looks at his Facebook, sees your ad for a printer, does he think ‘I’m not at work, so I don’t think about work needs?’ No, he doesn’t – he’ll clicks on the ad!

Businesses need to understand that business decision makers do actively use Facebook, and therefore, by not using Facebook, you’re missing out on a huge marketing opportunity.

So you’ve decided that you want to join the Facebook advertising conga line – good choice. Now to get started! Here’s 3 things you can do to get your Facebook advertising ball rolling.

Build a remarketing list

Add a Facebook Pixel to your website to begin collecting an audience of people who have visited your website. Encouraging people back to your website will increase the amount of leads coming to your business:

Upload your database as a custom audience

They say it costs 6 times more to gain a new customer than keep a current one. If you already have a database that you have been emailing, you can sync that list with Facebook through Mailchimp. It’s super easy and quick to do. This gives you an audience of people to upsell and resell to.

Use your customer base to make a lookalike audience

Using your customer base to form a lookalike audience is a great way to generate new leads. Facebook uses the credentials of your current customers to find similar people that might also be interested, using range of metrics. This gives you a new audience, without you having to delve into a detailed targeting strategy. Handy!

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