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Today I was interviewed by the Lincolnshire Echo, and the overarching question was, how can small retail shops use Social Media to promote their business. It is an issue that we get asked about all the time and one that I thought was worthy of an article.

Twitter has been quoted as being one of the largest search engines on the internet, with around 6,000 tweets being sent every second! This gives Social Media managers a great way of getting to know their target market in more detail.

So how do you use Twitter effectively? Twitter search allows you to type in anything, and find people talking about a specific topic. For example, if you are a small bookshop in Lincoln, you can put in a search query of the following book1 OR book2 OR book3 OR dissertation OR essay near:”Lincoln, England” within:50mi This will then bring up everyone tweeting about these topics within a 50-mile radius of Lincoln. Now the small bookshop can engage with these people who are clearly interested in these products and show interest, to help create a new customer, but, more importantly, build a new client relationship.

These search queries can be used for numerous different things outside of that, you can track your competition to see who they are talking to, you can then make note and market to those individually. You can even monitor keywords that are being tweeted in a positive or negative way, which is good if you are want to track the lasting impression of a product or service.

The opportunities for using Twitters advanced search are endless, and in my opinion, makes it the most powerful organic tool available to Social Media managers at the time of writing.

Still lost about how Twitter can help your business? Give us a call and one of our team will be happy to help you… psst, we don’t charge for questions.

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Peter Watson | Managing Director

Peter Watson is the Managing Director and co-founder of Distract as well as Featured Group, which seeks to found and develop innovative brands and businesses.

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