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Whether you are looking to create brand recognition, drive special offers and sales, launch a new product or communicate an opportunity, our team can identify and create a campaign to powerfully convey your message and generate action.


Search Engine Advertising is one of the main forms of PPC advertising, and one of the ways that produce some of the best direct returns on your investment in the digital marketing space. When you utilise Paid Search, your advert is tactically placed on the search engine results for keywords relating to your business.

One of the differentiating and best factors about Paid Search is the fact that you are only paying when a user clicks on your advert. As you are paying for highly targeted traffic (people who have searched directly for what your business does), these visitors to your website can be more likely to make a purchase, pick up the phone, or book an appointment.

We have a highly trained Paid Search team, who are fully trained and have secured qualifications; demonstrating their knowledge in the latest Paid Search techniques and methods. This means we are able to create a strategy to have a beneficial impact on your business.


PPC Agency

Our specialist Paid Search department, which has over 10 years of experience can manage all aspects of your Search Engine Marketing campaigns.

Our specialist Paid Search department, which has over 10 years of experience can manage all aspects of your Search Engine Marketing campaigns.

Google Advertising

We are experts in creating campaigns across Search and Display. We make sure that your ads are visible and convert effectively, which leads to more sales and increased value on your Cost Per Ad (CPA).

Bing Advertising

This default search engine for Yahoo! cannot be ignored. Here at Distract, we ensure there is a strategy in place for one of Microsoft’s most engaging and ever-changing products.

YouTube Advertising

Using video advertising to further your message is proving essential within paid advertising. Our team excels at finding creative and engaging ways to convert through the most popular video platform available.

Display Advertising

By leveraging our knowledge of the Google Display Network (GDN) we ensure that you achieve strategic and effective advertising to a targeted audience.


Are you making the most of your website traffic? Our remarketing techniques ensure potential clients and customers see ads whenever they visit a site within the Google Display Network (GDN).

Google Shopping

We drive higher conversion rates in an increasingly crowded Shopping sector and ensure you receive a lower Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

PPC Audit

Not convinced your PPC campaigns are delivering results? Let us review and produce an audit to identify where changes or improvements need to be made.

Search Engine Optimisation

Making sure your SEO is fine-tuned is is integral to your overall search strategy, as both elements working effectively together will help us delivering the best return on investment.

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"Helping our clients generate revenue from Paid Search brings a smile to all of our faces and is just one of the things I enjoy about working at Distract. I love the client interaction side; learning more about their company, and seeing the impact we are making on their business through our great results."

Craig Smith


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