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An essential part of the overall marketing toolkit you need to run a successful business in today’s marketplace. Amplifying your key messages, successes and brand is a fundamental cog of your overall strategy. 


We are in a unique position here at Distract in that we have experts in SEO working alongside our PR professionals. With direct experience of the media and the world of communications, we have a unique insight into the industry. Pushing out relevant and striking content means complex SEO needs are met, increasing domain authority as well as brand reputation. 

Combining this approach to give you a voice online means that as well as curating your brand’s story and positioning you as experts through thought leadership, features and blogs, real benefits can be tracked and measured.

Digital PR also builds your brand by sharing your unique insights and knowledge where your audience already exists.


Experienced PR Agency

Our specialist PR department, which has over a decade of experience, can manage all aspects of your brand's messaging strategy.

Our specialist PR department, which has over a decade of experience, can manage all aspects of your brand's messaging strategy.

Local PR

Digital PR is great, but creating a loyal and influential local audience through traditional PR methods (print, radio and online) is also key to increasing authority and reputation.

Engaging with those around you and being known in the immediate area is something we recommend is associated with an overall PR strategy.

National PR

Aiming high in PR is achievable with the right message and knowing where to pitch. At Distract, we develop relationships with key national journalists and editors to ensure you are able to receive quality, useful coverage.

Media Outreach

Developing established relationships with key industry journalists, editors, bloggers and influencers is integral to achieving effective PR coverage. We constantly foster effective, working partnerships with your key media outlets to ensure ease of coverage and ensure those most important to your campaign’s successes are receptive to pitches.

Reputation Management

Your reputation can turn incredibly quickly and is often beyond your control to begin with. With Distract at your side, you can rest easy, knowing that your messaging and reputation is being effectively charted, no matter how serious the situation seems to be.

Crisis Communications

Reputation is everything, so we can prepare an effective communications plan to ensure you are prepared for any eventuality. If the worst happens, we can be there to support your staff at any level.

Media Monitoring

Want to know who’s talking about you? We can provide you with an insight into who, where and how the media is covering your business.

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"Effective Digital PR can really bolster your PPC efforts; an integrated approach to your digital marketing strategy will make your campaigns much more impactful."

Sian Marron


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