The ABC's of Marketing Strategy

From personal branding to podcasting, reporting to results, our expert digital marketing team share their thoughts on the latest trends, insights and news.

Starting 2022 marketing off right

It may seem like we are all walking through treacle when it comes to business in 2022. The devastating effects of COVID-19 have not been undersold by any means, but it pays to be optimistic in business and therefore, marketing.

Dare to be different? Is unconventional marketing for you?

Getting a killer campaign out there that will get people talking or thinking about your brand is sometimes a dream that many never execute. But really, do you need to?

Should you be engaging in Christmas advertising this year?

When does Christmas officially begin? Does anyone know? Some believe it starts immediately after Halloween, but for marketers, it’s often kicked off by the John Lewis Christmas ad.

Is a rebrand worth it?

You’ll have all seen the Facebook rebrand this week. To differentiate between Facebook as a platform and the other brands that Mark Zuckerberg’s company owns, Instagram, WhatsApp and VR subsidiary Oculus, the company will now be called Meta.

Influencers, has the time come to reassess their worth?

A survey by Sitecore that appeared on Marketing Week suggested 73% of those aged between 18 and 44 find influencers vain and annoying.

The importance of ad spend

The pandemic has brought many things into sharp focus, not least the fragility of the economy. Moreso it would seem the weak grasp that most SMEs seem to have on the importance of maintaining marketing and advertising.

Building an audience through creative content

Content creation is the backbone of many marketing campaigns in different industries. It can help redefine or simply define what a business does, and how they’re doing it.

Innovation and looking forward

There’s a lot to be said for looking ahead and being daring.

Reacting to global events in your marketing

It’s been a tough year or so for businesses. The effects of COVID-19 have been undeniable both in terms of public health and for the economy. However, it’s been the ones that have adapted and reconvened to fit what some were calling ‘the new normal’ at the height of the pandemic that have done well.