LinkedIn has quickly grown to be the biggest online platform for those involved in a business career. With well over 364 million other users logging in to promote themselves, it’s important to know how to use LinkedIn to its full potential. Whilst signing up and creating a profile is simple enough, here are the top three ways to ensure you stand out in the online crowd.

Before you start, you must ensure that you have your basic details on your profile. Ensuring that you include all of your experience on your profile is a music, as well as including a professional summary of yourself and your business.  Use all of the space to your advantage. Once you have completed the foundation of your profile, you can then move on to using the platform to your advantage.

Tip One: Make your preferences known.

It is equally as important to understand and identify your ideal client on LinkedIn as it is in person. Having a niche will ensure that right people find your profile which will help your business grow. Doing this could mean stating your preferences, such as the size of the business you want to work with and their location.

  • Don’t be afraid to add a few words to your headline in order to state preferences, e.g. ‘looking to assist small 1 – 5 person businesses’.
  • Add media, such as pictures or website links, to your summary section that displays your experience of working within this niche.
  • As well as media, adding projects or publications are good ways of showing potential clients what you can provide for them.


Tip Two: Use Multimedia to give your posts detail and depth.

Multimedia is the perfect way to prove that you can do everything you have claimed and more. Adding videos, pictures and audio can be a great way to not only expand your profile, but also impress those browsing it. Videos that explain who you are and what you do are always helpful as well as seeming creative to those who may have viewed many other profiles before yours. Showing visibility also adds trust as well as ensuring you stand out amongst the plainer accounts.


Tip Three: Create at least 3 long form posts on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has various built in features that will help boost your stats. The blog feature is one of upmost importance that often gets overviewed, despite being extremely easy to use. Writing posts that speaks directly to your online client will not only entice more followers, but also establish your presence. It’s incredibly easy to find new ideas for blog posts on LinkedIn with the use of your groups. Scrolling through just a few discussions is guaranteed to help you think of something to write about, as well as giving you somewhere to post the link to any discussion or question. These blog posts will be showcases at the top of your summary and is therefore easy to see.

  • Adding images and media to these posts will make your profile look very professional.
  • It ensures that viewers are directed to content that is yours and helps to build a relationship with viewers.
  • Shows that you have an active presence on the platform as well as being an expert in your field through the information you are sharing.

After adding these simple steps to your LinkedIn profile, you are sure to see a boost in followers as you continue to show a professional presence online and build a relationship with your soon-to-be clients.