Twitter have just introduced a new update which allows businesses to show that they offer customer service on their profile. It is likely that they have done this for two main reasons; firstly, to promote the businesses that utilise Twitter as a customer service portal, but also to help speed up the process for customers and brands wanting to communicate with each other.

One of the biggest issues that brands had previously was that they split their social media teams down to two sections: one promoting products and services, and another managing customer enquiries. This often left customers confused to which account they should message. This new update remedies this, as well as promoting which accounts offer customer service, and the hours in which they offer it.


IMG 6327 169x300 - What are your Twitter customer service times?


As you can see above on our Twitter profile, our customer service hours are listed as 9:00-17:00. In the settings you are also able to select the days in which customer service is offered; for example, on a weekend, our profile will say "Most responsive Mon-Fri", which are the days we manage our Twitter profile.

This update is highly beneficial for brands which are taking their marketing, and customer service seriously on social media.

To set your customer service times, log into your Twitter Dashboard. ? ?

If you need any help with this, please get in touch!