Following big news and trend has just gotten easier thanks to Twitters new tool, Moments. Users will be able to keep up to date without having to follow heaps of accounts or constantly searching hashtags.

Twitter has launched the new feature to be compatible across iPhone, Android, and desktop. To begin with this feature will only be available in America.

In the phone app, a lighting bolt tab will appear on the bottom menu bar along with the messenger, home, notification and your account. There will also be a lightning bolt as part of the menu on the website.

The service will show a list of different stories from the day with regular updates. You can also browse through a more refined feed to look at sport or entertainment. You will also be able to scroll through information and posts from the past few days.

Twitters production manager of moments Madhu Muthukumar, said: "We know finding these only-on-Twitter moments can be a challenge, especially if you havent followed certain accounts. But it doesnt have to be."

If you were to click on a moment will show a brief introduction to the story. You also have the option to swipe for additional pictures, videos, and links. The bar at the bottom tells users how much information is available on each of the stories.

Moments will be teaming up with Buzzfeed, Fox News Getty Images, and Mashable to compile the information and articles.

While Twitter managers have stated that the feature will only be available in the states for the time being, they have also gone on to say that it will be introduced to other countries in the coming weeks and months.