Every consumer facing company without fail should utilise as many social platforms as possible to see which ones their audience is most comfortable in using, SnapChat is a more recent one in the jigsaw and one with 71% of their users being under 25, if this is your demographic you are a fool to not be there.

As of writing there are 100 million daily SnapChat users, with 70% of them female. This is a hugely powerful statistic and one which brand should be maximising. SnapChat is all about attention and short bursts of content.

A brands job is simple, how can you keep young minds engaged in content for a maximum of 10 seconds. Snapchat has been described as the most engaging social platform simply down to the method in which content is given to the user (through the user having to hold their finger down to watch).

Lets look at how a make up company should utilise SnapChat to create value for their customers.

1) Launch independent SnapChat account.

2) Create engagement within the community

"Quick Makeup Guides" -  giving hints and tips through SnapChat video. No brand should be using SnapChat for photo's as their main source, as this method isn't as engaging and doesn't create a personal brand.

3) Offer something for the loyal users.

Social platforms are about engaging with your community, but also about giving back to the members who are loyal to you, by reward your users on your social channels you encourage them to keep engaging and to create word of mouth around your business. In this instance, implementing an offer "10% off certain makeup", "Coupon codes" or "Giveaways" for users, will do this.

4) Integrate with other channels.

To grow anything social wise  you need to integrate it with your current strategy. Both sharing through other channels "exclusive giveaway on snapchat" or adding the snapchat username to receipts are all great ways to promote your new platform.


Don't forget that your social media marketing efforts are not to generate direct sales, its to build a relationship in which customers enjoy being involved with the brand and then in turn will want to make a purchase with your company, think more long term and not short term.

If you have any questions about this, don't hesitate to call the imps (01522 71 61 71)