If you are struggling to meet your targets on social media you should tailor your content to appeal to your audience on an emotional level. There are five simple and easy tips that if you follow and adapt to your need, you will see your audience engagement increase rapidly.

  1. Use images: A well chosen and taken photo will speak volumes to your audience. It will be the first thing they see when they first find your article, it is your first impression and your best chance to impress and connect with your audience.

    The best images will stay in people’s minds, more so than the best articles ever will.

    The pair together is much stronger; people may remember your content more based on the photo.

    Your images should always be relevant and complimentary to your brand while appealing to your target audience.

  1. Use of colour: A big part of branding is the use of colour and the best brands are the ones that make the most of colour and use it properly. When you start sharing content on social media, you should be using colours that are synonymous with your brand.

    It is no secret that different colours will make each person feel something subconsciously, each person will react differently. Users will come to recognise you, by the way, you use colour so it is worth very careful consideration.

  1. Trigger actions: Your image creates your first call to action, you now need to focus on your description. Try to use words that you know your audience will want to hear: who, what, when, where, why, how. Quite simply, these words are attractive to your audience and they are more likely to respond.
  1. Use emotional connectors: Using emotionally charged posts can be a very powerful tool, particularly if they're happy. It creates the feeling of you and each user connecting on a deeper level and they will trust you and your brand a lot more as a result.

    If your audience connects emotionally with a post, they will be much more likely to engage.

  2. Conversation: One of the most forgotten but useful tricks to remember is that conversation will spark engagement. Effective communication allows you to make a positive impact with your social posts.
    When you speak to your audience one-on-one, they feel a greater sense of connection and they will grow attached and feel brand loyalty.