You wouldn’t be the first to think that your business “isn’t right for social media”, but having this attitude could not only be leaving you behind in terms of brand exposure, but you could also be missing out on real leads.

Part of the thinking behind the opinion that businesses don’t ‘need’ to be actively using social media is that it isn’t possible to generate leads through the social sphere, and if you’re posting the same things as everyone else, instead of adding value for your customers, then you are probably right.

However, with a little creativity and a carefully thought out flow, we’ve sold thousands of products, and generated hundreds of leads for Estate Agents, Manufacturers, Accountants, Solicitors and loads more. Want to know how? Read on…

The biggest mistake that businesses make when attempting lead generation on social media is asking for the sale straight away. Let’s turn things around - It’s rare that you’ll meet someone in person and try to sell to them straight away, without first developing a mutual relationship with them, so why try it and expect it to work on social media? It comes back to the big ‘V’… value. Add value for your customers and the sale will follow naturally.

Have you considered giving away something for free? (and no, your free hour-long consultation doesn’t count). Short eBooks that solve real problems and sample packs of your product are a great place to start. Use social to drive relevant traffic to your lead page, and capture their data to then go into a lead-warming flow. The worst case is that they visit your lead page, do not download your eBook/sample pack, and can then be remarketed to for up to 365 days.

Believe us, we’ve seen eBooks turn into meetings, and then into huge contracts.

Lead generation in the digital space has never been so crucial, yet accessible to businesses. So what’s the takeaway here? Give away something of value to potential leads in exchange for their data, use social media to draw in the leads, and then follow those leads up with a planned, carefully considered marketing flow. Why are we telling you this? Because we are experts in this field and we spend every day building successful and innovative campaigns and strategy for our clients. Oh, and we really like to add value.