The number one mistake that businesses are making on social media is that they don’t consider how their target audience is going to respond to their advert. There is an expectation that adverts will work, regardless of its content.

The first thing that you need to remember is that your target audience isn’t looking out for advertising when they scroll through their Newsfeed on Facebook. They don’t want to be sold to in that moment. Because of this, your adverts start at a handicap, because you need to produce something that is capable of interrupting that social media user’s browsing. Your proposition needs to be stronger, and better targeted than on almost any other platform.

How can businesses interrupt?

This answer is simple; provide value. A key characteristic of lead generation on social media is data capture. You identify who is interested in your product or service through their behaviour on Facebook and their engagement with your activity, and then you capture their data through a lead advert or a lead page of some kind.

We find that the amount of good quality leads collected is far superior when something of value is offered, rather than a basic ‘sign up to our data list’ or ‘buy from us’ advert.

Consider offering a free download offering advice on the latest industry trends, a free piece of merchandise or a free hour of your time. When you give something to the user in return for their data, your data-capture stats will likely increase.

The simple fact is that social media users love getting things for free. The simple fact of branding is that people need to love your brand before they buy from your brand. When you combine these two facts, you realise that if you can give your target customers something for free that helps them love your brand, then the consequence will naturally be more conversions, and more sales.

Begin to think about what your customers would find valuable, and then build that into your lead generation.

What type of content should businesses use?

You need to consider two things when choosing what type of content you are going to use in your interruption marketing. Firstly, you need to consider what is going to capture the attention of your audience when they’re scrolling through their newsfeed. Using GIFs and video are more likely to capture attention than still images. You also need to consider what is going to achieve the best reach on Facebook. Live videos and standard videos with subtitles get the best reach in Facebook’s algorithms, so we using this type of content.